Fable - Ask Breakfast on the beach.

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The Bright Star
Character Biography
On the Isle of Sheketh, miles north of the Sheketh Stone, a great rumble shook the forested island. The birds of the trees for miles took flight as a gushing wind shook the trees of one of the islands mountains, as the forest filled with the smell of rain. The blue sky, spotted with clouds like small white patches on a blue travelling cloak begged to differ. With a rushing wind the forest and it's birds returned to quietude. The ground no longer shook and the smell of rain faded as a shadow grew to block the sun for a moment before it too was gone...

Long had he slept deep beneath the mountain. His equine head stretched out before him on his long sinuous neck as his massive wings filled with air like two great sails stretched between huge mast. His scales, dulled now from age, still sparkled in the hot sun above the few lazily drifting clouds. He was hungry, of all things, and had no desire to be overly picky. His huge sapphire eyes scanned the waves as He circled His small Island territory. It had been hard won, this island. He had been quite tired after the battle with the sea beast, but it was his now, and the waves surrounding it should prove to hold something for him to fill himself on. He was right, of course, the sea even now was providing. The school of large black and white porpoises didn't even know that they had been chosen for the honor of his first meal in decades.

Lazily he tucked his massive wings and rolled over in the air. He pointed his nose at where the small whales would be and listened with glee as the wind rushed passed. He reveled in the rush of air and the shriek his scales as they began to whistle from the speed at which he was moving. At the last moment possible he unfurled his wings and reached out with his front talons and grabbed the hunting whale from pod and began beating his wings again as he headed back to shore to enjoy a nice breakfast in the sun. The rest of the pod dove deep and made for safer waters as the over two hundred feet of muscle and scales curled around the now dead whale on the beach and began eating.
He ate happily after so many years of sleep. His silver scales shimmering in the sunlight. The waves lapped at the shoreline, pushing and pulling small rocks and sand. The slow rasping of sand and stone as the water receded and then rolled and tumbled as the waves returned. He swallowed and lifted his huge head toward the sun as he basked in the warmth of the sun. He closed his sapphire eyes and let the cascading warmth fill his scales. The heat radiated along his long neck and he slowly extended his wings and let the heat roll along his wings full span.

How long he sat in that one attitude hardly mattered. He let his meal digest as he allowed the remaining portions on the whale’s bones return to the sea. Slowly he stood and gave his huge bulk a shake before he tucked his wings and decided to take a leisurely walk along the coast. He could survey the border of his island territory.