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Alryssa Murizi

Mama Dragon
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Alryssa had not been able to sleep. She dreaded the day even before the sun's light filtered through her windows. She eventually rose from bed and dressed. The rest of the house was still, her children and servants still asleep. She walked down the hall until she found herself standing outside her eldest son's room.

Daryon was her first born, and today he turned 18. He would be the next in line to lead House Nhalaryn, and soon he would be married and having children of his own and then he wouldn't need her anymore. Had it really been 18 years? She thought she could still remember holding a newborn Daryon in her arms, watching his sweet little face as he slept.

She swallowed hard and walked on past his door, descending the main staircase and wandering into the kitchen. Everything was abuzz, as they made last minute preparations for the party. The house was beginning to come alive, and Alryssa wondered how long she had been standing outside Daryon's door. No matter. She made a few comments as she walked through the kitchen and then out the servant's door. The gardeners bustled around, calling to each other and carrying arrangements of flowers and greenery.

Alryssa thought with a bit of satisfying spite that she was not the only one dreading this day; her husband's family was surely in a tizzy. Their power was being ripped out from underneath them, and Alryssa hadn't even done any of it on purpose. Alryssa's father-in-law was still in power, but holding onto it by a thread. His failing health made the Nhalaryns nervous and Alryssa excited.

Once she had made sure everything was going according to plan, she returned inside, and walked back up the steps to get ready for the party- or at least breakfast. She noticed Daryon's door was cracked open, and on pure instinct, she walked forward, peering inside to see if he was awake yet.

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Daryon was already dressed and pacing his room as his attendant began listing the duties still needing tending to for the festivities in his honour. It was his nameday, and he felt as if the fanfare on this day to be tenfold.

It should be his day of becoming Lord of the House, now that he was eighteen on this day, he was more than ready to take on the responsibilities he was born for.

He spotted his mother entering, quiet and curious, and he smiled her way.

"Mother! Come to save me from this droll of party planning?" He did not dare to stay in bed late this day, knowing such a celebration would put more pressure on his mother from his father's family. He bore their name, but he favoured his mother in appearance, another fuck you! to the Nhalaryns.

"Grandfather still alive then, I take it?" He asked, inspecting his reflection and fixing a lock of blond hair. The attendant stilled, eyes widening as they bowed their head and wordlessly left the room. It was not the first time he had heard the Heir of the House say such a thing.

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Cress grumbled awake at the sound of her brother's voice echoing through the walls. One would think, with all the resources and money a their disposal, that they would be able to soundproof their walls. And yet Daryon still managed to be loud, even this early in the morning. But despite his tendency to be loud, Cress' grumblings were with love. She loved all of her siblings (except maybe the twins), especially Daryon. He had been there for her after their father had died, when their mother had been too focused trying to shut down rumors of murder from the Nhalaryns.

She rose from bed, her handmaid already in her room, laying out her dress for the party. "Good morning," she said, as the girl helped her into her dressing robe over her night gown. She sat down before her dressing table as her hair was brushed. When she was presentable enough to please her mother she left her room. Her mother was standing in Daryon's doorway, and she heard his dulcet tones as he spoke to their mother.

Cress came up behind her mother, who, upon seeing her eldest daughter, gave a soft smile and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close. Cress breathed in deeply, the scent of Alryssa's perfume and lotion soothing nerves she hadn't realized needed soothing. After a moment she pulled back to look at her brother as he considered himself in his mirror.

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"Morning, Cress." Daryon shot his sister a grin through the reflection of the mirror. "Please tell our mother I no longer need her snooping in on me. I am awake, dressed, and ready to tend to the Nhalaryn traditions of the Heir's nameday."

It was simply a hunting trip, upon the backs of their dragons. Kasaerys was an impressive black dragon, commanding the skies better than those of his Nhalaryn family's feathered dragons.

"By the time I come back, I will be able to attend this quaint party you have organised, Mother. Does this please you?" He asked, turning around to face his Mother and sister. Cress held so much likeness of their Mother, just like Daryon. This pleased him, made him proud to be Heir to not only the Nhalaryns, but of his Mother's Murizi line also.

Alryssa Murizi Cress Nhalaryn
Alryssa opened Daryon's door wider once he had acknowledged her. He took in his appearance in his mirror and she did the same, automatically looking for anything out of place. Nothing caught her eye immediately.

"Watch your tone when you speak about your grandfather; you'll dig your own grave, and ours too," she replied sternly. They may not live in the same house (they lived in a larger home Ramsay and Alryssa had moved into when Alryssa first got pregnant), but they still came to visit quite often and Alryssa was certain they sent servants to disguise as spies for them as well.

A few moments later she heard a door open down the hall. She turned her head to see her eldest daughter Cress emerge from her room. Alryssa smiled and wrapped her arm around Cress, pulling her in for a hug.

Daryon, ever the chatterbox, opened his mouth once more. Alryssa waited until he finished, his arrogance so similar to her own. "It is far from quaint, Daryon, and you'd best not be late. Being Lord of a House is more than just strength, big dragons, and good luck," she replied firmly.

She left Daryon in his room, and walked with Cress back to her room. Now, at last, the rest of the house was waking up, and getting ready for the party. Alryssa heard a shout from the twins room and sighed heavily through her nose.

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The day passedby uneventful with his Nhalaryn family, who regarded him with stiff speech and aloof expressions. Hunting was no real celebration, but Daryon and Kasaerys were successful in their pursuit of killing a pack of Jarlaxes.

He returned home, dressed in finery no doubt set out by his mother, and was being escorted to ballroom. Dare wondered just how hard his mother had put the servants to work in getting this party to the vision she had. He spied Cress on his way, winking at her and lightly nudging his sister.

"Well? How do I look? Awful, don't I?" He chuckled.

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The rest of the day, Cress spent time with her feathered dragon, Nemya, before her mother made her return inside to get ready for Daryon's party. She was still getting ready when he returned from hunting Jarlax to get ready himself.

Alryssa hovered over Cress, working her hair until it was deemed presentable. She had long since dismissed Cress' maid, helping her daughter herself. Cress' dress was surprisingly demure considering her mother had picked it out. She could only imagine what Daryon had to wear.

When Cress was finally ready, her mother stepped back. The two walked out of Cress' room, Alryssa hurrying after some poor servant who was arranging the flowers incorrectly. Cress made her way to the ballroom, smiling when Daryon nudged her.

"You look handsome," she said, brushing an invisible bit of dust off his lapel, a movement reminiscent of their mother.

The first guests would be arriving soon.

Daryon Nhalaryn Alryssa Murizi
Handsome, at least that had never changed!

"Excellent. Promise to help fend off the daughters of the other Houses and rich families, won't you?" His mother no doubt would achieve this alone, but it was nice to include his sister.

He didn't want his birthday to be about marriage, only that he is the Heir, so close to becoming the new Lord of the Nhalaryn House. Daryon wanted alliances, recognition of his power as son of both noble Great Houses. He was a skilled rider, feared by many due to his elegant black dragon. Kaesaerys swelled with pride when he send down his gratitude through their bond.

"Now... just how many has mother invited tonight?"

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