Discussion Alternatives to unconventional electrical system in large stone tower.

Jorge Velasquez

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Jorge Velasquez currently has his tower running off of a grid of wheels in which contain rabid goblins that run to generate all of his electricity. He knows this is not the most ethical option, despite the apparent mindlessness of the feral creatures, so would anyone suggest an alternative for Jorge's issue of power?

And yes, this is quite absurd, but it is a very heavily researched technology.
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Jorge appreciates the suggestion, but many humans are quite difficult to handle, especially in large quantities. Although there have been "tranquilizer darts" invented in recent time, so he will try those.
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Try familiars! My shadow creatures listen very well and never seem to run out of energy, being made of magic. I make them myself and even killed a cultist with their help. It was scary, but for my friends there's a lot I'll do. Wait, off topic. Anyway, I've heard college magic or whatever it's called has something like that, so it's worth a go I'd think. Wolves, Dogs, for example.