Private Tales A Real God-forsaken Rescue

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


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"Well, we're fucked either way." Rhidian concluded, shrugging as he looked down the cliffside. The forest continued before them, the opposite side of the river that flowed between became a dangerous current as the snow began to melt.

Rhidian turned to Orchid, shrugging once again. It couldn't be helped.

"Either we turn back and try with the were-creatures... or, we jump. What say you, friend?"

"I'm not your friend."
It said to Rhidian as it cast two eyes down on the rushing water. Cold rarely bothered it but if it shaped to swim then it could do it.
Rhidian would of course be on his own.
"Survival. Can you live through the jump and swim with strength enough to return to safety?"
It could hear them coming through the trees towards them.
The headstart they had was spent.

Rhidian exhaled exasperatedly, not realising the word friend would be so prominent to the other Initiate.

"Oh, I can jump. Was just asking as a  courtesy." Rhidian rolled his grey eyes and pivoted on his feet, turning to fall slowly over the edge.

He tucked his arms and legs as best he could before concentrating on the cliff face, willing an explosive burst if frequency to barrel him down into the freezing waters.

Fortunately, the current looked stronger from above, and although it used his energy reserves, Rhid was able to position himself towards the first sight of banks as the valley opened up.

It followed Rhidian without mirth.
Jumping high and plummeting into the water like an arrow through the blasted dust and rock from Rhidian's frequency burst.
Once it was submerged it made several subtle changes to itself.
Altered it's lungs to filter air through water and pass it under its shirt.
Webbed hands helped and it softened it's bones to allow more fluid motion.
The cold was not an issue and the current only slowed it a bit.
The thing shot past Rhidian and reached the shore in moments, hauling itself out and returning to its fully human form.
Wet and cold but not in any danger.

He knew something odd was up with this Orchid person, but Rhidian had not expected him to be already on shore, looking around their surroundings. He was only human, taking his time to make his way and climbing the slight incline before getting on his feet. Immediately, he removed his jacket from his person and clung to it in one hand.

"We need to find higher ground again. Try to locate the rest of the group. I know they have Quinnick, but for my own peace of mind, I am not sitting around waiting to be found. Agreed?" Rhidian wiped away the water that dripped from his saturated curls, brushing them back and glancing around the trees.

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It agreed.
High ground was imperative now, not just to keep moving but to get the lay of the land. It would have said as much but when it saw Rhidian pull his cold and wet body up it realised that Rhidian was not as resistant to the cold as it seemed to be.
"You need to get dry and warm or you'll freeze to death."
Not that it cared. It just had to act like it did.
"I don't want to tell the others you died freezing because we got cornered and jumped into a freezing river."
It would have been bothersome.
"But I agree, we should find high ground and get back to the others."

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Rhidian chuckled wryly at Orchid.

"Yeah, I'm working on that."

He called on his magic and let it course through his body, his veins and his skin warming from the frequencies waiting to be used. He did not expel the destructive magic, instead letting it burn out inside him as he began to walk. He would dry over time, but they needed to keep moving. "What about you, got some heating powers of your own, do ya?"

Rhidian turned to look over his shoulder at the other Initiate. He never really hung in the same circles as Orchid, but even as they got separated from the rest of the group, Rhid knew getting to know the other would be interesting.

It stated flatly.
"But the cold doesn't bother me that much, even this. Quirk of my shapeshifting I guess."
It smiled, offering that little bit of info was simple and not exactly a lie. It didn't mind the cold. At the lowest It had ever felt the cold had only made it feel sleepy.
"Let's move. If we get caught by those freaks in the dark we'll be in trouble."
At least Rhidian knew his stuff.
Orchid had not much of a circle to hang in. It spent most of its free time in the wilderness around the Academy, eating.

Rhidian couldn't agree more with Orchid.

"Right, well... We were heading back to the Academy, right? That's... sorta east? Or did we dip down south some where?" He had gotten lazy, only following what Livia was talking about before the group scattered from the creatures that surprised them. "You know... now I wish I actually owned a compass."

But he knew where east was just looking up at the sky. They could always reach the coast and skirt along it if anything.