Private Tales A Certain Slant of Light

A private roleplay only for those invited by the first writer


Character Biography
He looked up at the ceiling, watching the flickering shadows from the sole candle on the table. He never very much liked it when he was called down by Inspector Acevedo. It was always risky business, not just because the assignment given to Sig was always the sort that was hard to not die from, but because if any of Sig’s regulars knew he was working for the Inspector Acevedo?

Well, that was worse than anything Acevedo could threaten to do. Having to balance a healthy relationship with the underbelly of Alliria and it’s justice-seeking inspectors was giving Sig grey hair from stress already. He was old but he wasn’t old enough to be getting gray hairs. That was Acevedo’s fault. And it wasn’t like Sig got paid, it just kept him from staying behind bars.

The heavy metal door opened, and Sig brought his indifferent gaze back down to look at the old Inspector walk inside.

“You look like shit,” Acevedo said with a chuckle, as if seeing Sig’s black eye, swollen nose and busted lip gave him joy. It probably did, Sig knew that he was far from Acevedo’s favorite person in Alliria. Unfortunately, Sig just happened to be the most useful man in Alliria for the Inspector. With Sig saying nothing, the Inspector sat down on the wooden chair across from him. “Hur is already being IDed by the merchant family. I’m sure when he stands trial, he’ll get the max sentence of what he deserves. Good work in catching him red handed. We’ll keep him in Solitary so your identity doesn’t get leaked.”

The usual blathering from the Inspector. If he was younger, Sig would’ve fallen asleep. He didn’t like Acevedo but the man had a soothing, deep voice that could put anyone to sleep.

“I have another job for you. With Hur gone, I think it’s time to bring you into the actual plan.” Now this peaked Sig’s interests, if only mildly.

“What do you mean? What plan?”

“I can’t tell you everything,” Sig rolled his eyes. Of course, top-secret information, something a criminal like himself couldn’t have even if it would make his life easier. “But we’ve been working on Operation Songbird for over a year now. As you’re aware, the man known as Tal has left Alliria, but the Syndicate is still active. We know who’s in charge now. A woman. Maybe you’ve heard of her?” Inspector Acevedo was grinning, all of a sudden all smug.

“What’s her name?” Sig asked, trying not to roll his eyes for a second time.


“Am I supposed to know a Camille?” Sig asked, glowering at the Inspector. “It’s a common name. Get more specific.”

“You’ll know her once you see her. Maybe ask around the Painted Dragon or Red Kirven.” Sig shook his head and only then did Inspector Acevedo understand. “Oh. You lack culture, don’t you?” And it was left at that as the Inspector finally pulled out the file and handed it over to Sig to read. “Just read up, will you? You got a job to do. And the sooner the better. This one is different than the others.”

Sig had walked by the Painted Dragon plenty of times before but had never gone inside it. He stood outside of it, looking up at the gaudy sign and giving himself a movement. He could hear music and laughter from inside, nothing that was deemed suspicious. Alliria was known for it’s lounges and taverns and brothels and everything in between, all cloistered about next to banks and apothecaries and even buildings of importance, like the courthouse.

Yet somehow, to a local Allirian, it all seemed to make sense and flow just right.

Standing up tall, Sig finally headed inside the Painted Dragon. He was smart enough to know that asking around for a Camille was a good way to get his face bashed in again. He was already expecting for it to get roughened up again later down the line, but he didn’t want it happening on day one. So like any man would do, Sig headed straight for the bar and took a empty seat. It was still early in the night, but that was the point. Scope things out and get a feel of it for himself.
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