Letters A Bard's Tale

Roleplay dedicated to correspondence type roleplays such as letters.


Composer, musician, story teller, lover.
Character Biography
"Summer Storm

Wind, soft at first, but with gust.
The smell in the air of something wild approaching.
Hands held on a porch swing.
Clouds heavy, pregnant with intent.
A tin roof. Waiting for its moment.
For memories made.

A summer storm.

Wind, no longer soft, but steady in its excitement.
Air stirred into a tumult.
Two bodies, a hungry embrace.
Lips pressed, framed by flashes, captured moments.
Thunder, soft rolling, growling acrossed skies.

A summer storm.

Wild breath, crashing of power that shakes the ground
Sensations no longer hungry but insatiable.
Lighting no longer teasing the air but violent in its decent.
Synapses, overloaded with revelry, saturated with...
Thunder that rattles windows and uproots

A summer storm.

Clouds, passing in the night.
A moon smiling as the tin roof rest.
Memories and love made.
Dancing wild lights on distant horizons.
Rumbling echos of eternity, telling tales of a moment.
When celestial bodies met.

A summer storm."

The Bard set down his quill, confident that he would read it again in the morning and toss it out as he often did. His sharp eyes sagged as he lay upon his straw bed and thought.

"It may be a good interlude between songs at the tavern." He said to no one, "The old drunks always get sentimental when the drink hits right."
The bard sat again, quill in hand. His shining eyes turned toward a candlelit parchment as he sat atop a small stool in-front of a small desk.


My very soul
Bit by bit
Compromise through wanting
Pining after never held love

Judiciously used pieces
A heart shared liberally
Handed back half used
Only a bite each
Too filling

Satisfied? No.

Eyes overflowing
Too big for these hands
Holding on to nothing
Only day dreams and nightmares.

Swallowed, Regurgitated. Gone.

Again he put down his quill and stood to arch his back and press small balled fist into the small of his back before he walked to the door and grabbed a lute with one hand and plopped a wide brimmed hat on his head with the other. He cask the door open with a flourish and plastered a wide smile across his face before closing his door behind himself and walking back out into the world.