1. Saul Talith

    Open Chronicles The Growing Scourge

    Allir Reach - Wetlands Saul ripped his blade free, the corpse of the ghoul making a loud squelch sound as the rune marked steel pulled away from the half bloated corpse. Almost as soon as the blade left the body it began to sink into the muck below, the inhuman face contorting as the bog...
  2. Al'Kaliit

    Private Tales The Gem, The Soul, and The Unknowing

    It was a dark and cloudless night. The moons both shined. The rain has stopped about 45 minutes ago. Al'Kaliit was in a party of two: she and a mercenary contracted informally while on the road. The young woman used no combat clothes, in her torso a white shirt with many brown mud spots. She...