1. Velaeri

    Titanfall Preventing Disaster: The Sleeping Sea

    Not but an hour passed following the leaving of those meant for the Wilds when again the stone began to glow, this time an electric blue. Magic had yet to restore itself in the dwindling hour between - in fact it continued to feel lesser with every passing moment. This time the stone's...
  2. Core Lore The Grotto

  3. Kiva, Goddess of the Primordial Ocean

    Kiva, is the name of an ancient primordial goddess. Her domain is that of the ocean. She is worshiped by the Kivren as their creator of the world, as well as believing that her dormant body is that of the Kiva archipelago itself.
  4. Core Lore Eye of Kiva

  5. Core Lore Kivren