kinniger dutchy

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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Kiros Rahnel

    LFG Vampire slaying with the Kinniger outriders

    Posting this in search of 1-2 more writers who'd like to join our vampire slaying quest in the spine that Crows Call and I are threading: For a quick summary so far; we're currently on route to one such stronghold...
  2. Kiros Rahnel

    The War of the Kinniger Dutchy: Outriders planning

    Hey, just a planning thread for the RP we got underway. I do need to know more about the dutchy; I'd at least like to ensure this rendition lines up with stuff that's already been written elsewhere if we're writing it. I do have a saga outlined though, so plenty of fuel for an adventurous...
  3. Crows Call

    Open Chronicles The War of the Kinniger Dutchy: Outriders

    As the battle for the Kinniger Dutchy rages on, some who fight the growing vampire menace have not seen it fit to stay on the defensive. The vampire clans and castles remain unhindered, it's about time someone did something about that... This is an extension of the battle for the Kiiniger...