1. Axa Khash

    Axa Khash Biographical information Birthplace The Spine Born 369 Died N/A Age 3 Weeks Home Physical description ...
  2. Zagroza the Steel One

    Heavily Unfinished. If anything I have here does not fit the site's lore, I'd prefer someone to tell me where I did wrong rather than have my character taken down, thank you.
  3. Gilbert Goblinson

    Open Chronicles There are too many Adventurers

    Rock, Hill, Hob, the three goblins tribes all lived in constant dispute, but everything changed when the adventurers attacked. Only the Goblin King master of all three goblins could stop them, but when the world needed him most he was also under attack by adventurers. A few days have passed, and...
  4. Kara Orin

    Open Chronicles The Goblin King [Dungeon Raid | Allir Reach]

    THE GOBLIN KING https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/000/818/313/large/tianhua-xu-2-fin-di.jpg?1443928168 For some time, postings in Alliria and nearby villages appeared: ADVENTURERS WANTED JOB IS TO CLEAR GOBLIN NEST INTERESTED PARTIES REPORT TO THE BLADE SOCIETY OF ALLIRIA...