1. Fraeya

    Fate - First Reply A Court of Dragons and Mist

    Her lungs burned and her legs ached. Even though it was cool, sweat still slid down her face, plastering blonde wisps of hair to skin. She just had to get to the line. But it was still far. Too far. For the millionth time she wished she was fae. Then she’d be faster. So much faster...
  2. Ye'svonne Airileth

    Open Chronicles For Some Men, I Grieve. (A Long Winded Caravan)

    (This is going to be a multi part chronicle. I plan on doing continuations for it, but don't feel obligated to do all of them if you join this one!) "Papa!" The little lizard kin ran up eagerly and hugged Ye'svonne's leg tight. The alchemist pet the spines atop the childs head and leaned down...
  3. Thren

    Open Chronicles Rolling Plains[Bandit Hunt]

    Allir Reaches - Northern Plains Around him was a clatter of swords, armor, and horses as various sell-swords gathered their equipment and prepared to mount up. Most of them Thren didn't know, and in truth didn't want to know. They were all here for the same reason really; money. It appeared...