1. Mars Pallatrix

    Fable - Ask First Annual Solstice Ball [Dreadlords]

    They weren't kidding. When the Guardsmen had proposed that they throw a formal ball for the Apprentices, Mars had laughed. It was no joke. Prior to the ball, seamstresses were brought (blindfolded, of course) onto the castle grounds to size the students for their outfits, then they left. When...
  2. Varys San'Seya

    Open Chronicles Tonight's Entertainment

    Oban was known for many things: The tall walls that surrounded it, the unforgiving and punishing might of the law, and the diversity of wealth among it's many peoples from slum to palace. Of course, the elite few nobles and royals held all the cards when it came to power and wealth in the city...
  3. Raigryn Vayd

    Open Chronicles Two-Faced Lover

    The violins sang a beautiful harmony to accompany the pleasant chatter. The master of ceremonies politely introduced arriving couples. The attendees glided gracefully across the dance floor. Lord Harlington was a professional aristocrat with his fingers in many criminal enterprises...