1. Maric

    Private Tales Light At the End of the Tunnel

    Vinra - Allir Reach The wheels of the wagon turned, and turned. The sound of them bumping against the misaligned cobbles seemed an almost constant racket, one that had followed him for he had no idea how many miles. He'd hated it at first, then come to love it, then returned to hatred once...
  2. Jyn Hlervu

  3. Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

    Private Tales The Journey to Fal' Addas

    Fal'Addas. From Alliras, it was quite a distance. At least a 5 weeks gallop, with good weather. Sparhawk and Myles had been walking for about a week, with no real sign of new destinations. He'd bought many supplies for the journey there: plenty of clean water, bread and picked vegetables...
  4. Maho 'Jerik' Sparhawk

    Private Tales There's always two.

    It was time for Sparhawk to lay back for a while. He'd been off doing adventures for almost 11 years, and decided he deserved a little break. He of course loved the adventures he'd been on, going into the open world, meeting new people, seeing new things, going on quests; it was what he lived...