Raigryn Vayd

Raigryn Vayd

Raigryn Vayd

Biographical information
Alliria 48
Physical description
Human Male 5'11" 85kg Grey/White Brown Pale
Political information
Out-of-character information
Sept 18 CalSantiago
Raigryn is a old travelling battle mage. Once he lectured princes and stood alongside generals as they marched to war. Now he roams the countryside. His magical arts are shunned, his name is rarely spoken. He moves from town to town. Coin is normally easy to find with the rare talent of reading and writing, but when he sees an opportunity to use his skills to aid others he will gladly take it. Raigryn has taken up bounties, helped settlements deal with infestations of trolls and fought against naga raiders.

He is an honest man who knows that he has no place to settle in the world and wants to see out his later years doing a little good where he can.


Despite his years Raigryn is a tall and broad shouldered man. Enough that most would assume he was born lucky enough to be well fed, without being particularly noticeable for his size. He looks his age, with a weathered face, scars and aches and pains that affect his gait from a life of travels. He tends to wear his hair quite long and rarely takes the time to go clean shaven. Raigryn does take some care of his appearance, occasionally when he smiles his features soften and reveal a man who could have been quite handsome in his youth.

Skills and Abilities

  • Can read and write
  • Talented Empath
  • Patient
  • Skilled with sword, mace and crossbow
  • Well travelled
  • Pragmatic


Biography & Lore

Raigryn saw the fall of Empathy first hand during his years as a young acolyte. The school in Allira was already small when he joined but by the time he graduated stigma around the magical art had grown. The school was closed down, many nobles stopped hiring Empaths or did so in secret. College magic had grown in fashion and older, more traditional arts were fading. It made a noble popular to be well-read and keep up with scholarly articles.

As a younger man he travelled widely. The fall of Empathy took many years and for some time they were welcome in Vel'anir and towns further from Allira and Elbion where the decline was most rapid. He worked with his mentor who personally advised a prince from Vel'anir on some military campaigns. Raigryn ventured from Amol-kalit to the Ixchel Wilds and knows the location of every known portal stone.

Raigryn had kept close ties to a family living in a town on the Allir Reach who had once sheltered him. He would often pass through the area and stay. He would teach their children to read and write when he passed through. Raigryn even introduced their daughter to the regional baron's eldest son. On his most recent visit he found the town in disarray. Houses smashed apart, the dead still being buried. A raiding party of naga had come this far west and taken captives. Among them the daughter of his close friends. The baron's reward was unnecessary to send Raigryn in pursuit of the group [1].

Raigryn recently travelled with an expedition as far as the ruins of Valen[2]. This was motivated as much by his love of travel as it was the coin on offer. The expedition went badly, with the group assailed by magic foes.

A young street girl named Fife broke into his room when staying in Allira[3]. In her attempt to escape Fife used a touch of Empathy. Sensing this, Raigryn decided to make the girl - who kept the pretence of being a young boy - an offer of some training. This was partially based on selfish motivations as a wild Empath could have dragged their reputation even further through the dirt.
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