Byanka Valkas

Byanka Valkas

Byanka Valkas

Biographical information
Astenvale 20 Astenvale
Physical description
Half-elf Femlae 5'7" 125 lbs Chocolate brown Dark hazel Pale ivory
Political information
Knight Sworn of Dusk
Out-of-character information
LovesickSiren 4/4/23

It is not titles that honor men
But men that honor titles


Byanka is of average height and average build- the most noticeable thing about her is a scar on her face on the inside of her left eye, down to her cheek. She has other minor various scars but her typically average appearance allows her to blend in with others. Besides her scar, her dark hazel eyes may at times appear to glow.

Skills and Abilities

She is training in Loch, preparing to become a Knight Pursuant of Loch. She is strongest in dream-weaving and things to do with the mind.
She is well-trained with a sword and a bow and arrow.
When not in armor, she can be very stealthy and quiet, using her average appearance to her advantage.


She is quiet, but this does not mean she is shy. She is simply cool and reserved, and only smiles or shows inner joy and excitement when she truly means it. She is a person to live more in the present than in the past or the future, and she holds no significant grudge against her father since she is happy where she is.

Biography & Lore

She was born the bastard daughter of a minor noble Lord near Astenvale. Lord Valkas considered his daughter an embarassment and when Byanka's mother died when Byanka was nine, he sent her to the Knights to have her trained and off his hands.