• Name: lionmen
  • Size: between 5 to 8 feet tall with the shortest weighing just under 200lbs to the tallest lions being 700lbs
  • Lifespan: i full lifespan is 100 years but do to warrior culture many die before the age of 25
  • Diet: meat from both sentient and non sentient beings, with elf meat being the most sought after


The lion native tongue is a thick and complex dialect of hissing and yips but with there knack for learning, other languages have been picked up over the years from lions that have strayed away from there territory and returned with stories of the outside world and there people


large lion like beasts often seen walking on two legs. they tend to be born with a predisposition for strength adolescent lions get a boost of power in there late teens and begin adding onto there muscle mass at a rapid rate which accounts for there hugeness and sheer size.


native to the forest of falwood lionmens habitat is that of lush trees thick canopy and constant dark with little to no sunlight reaching the


commonly known for being brutish creatures lionmen are often known for there all out war mentality and brutal savagery towards other creatures not of there own blood. although there are different factions that fight for territory there pure brutality can only be seen used on species not there own.

they are loyal to a fault taking deep pride in loyalty to the leader of there people and each other as well.

they believe in all out war and hand to hand combat as there preferred choice of fighting.

they are quick to anger.

they believe that they are the only sentient species that deserves life ever lasting do to this they often underestimate an opponent on the assumption that there god will insure that they win. this arrogance can be both a blessing and a curse depending on what ones opponent is

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the history is shrouded in mystery do to the widely unknown facts about the inner workings of there society what can be noted is they are a very recent player in the world recent wars between themselves have gotten the attention of nearby human villages.

the lionmen have little formal enemy's except for the elves in witch they feed on from time to time over the years. they are however hostile to outside forces and completely shut off from the politics and organizations that make up the world powers. they are quick to attack those who stray too far into there territory without permission. they are highly protective of there people and there peoples land. do to there constant in fighting there population stays low. they also believe in the protection of the forest meaning little development exists they live in huts that are few and far between


rosemary and thyme

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