Biographical Information
Unknown Unknown The Age of Wonders Not Established – Subject is a Traveler Synthetic Construct Plastoid Mimic
Physical Description(Phylactery)
2 cm Length, 1 cm width, 1 cm depth 50 grams, or 0.1 lb 25 g/cm^3 Crimson(inactive) or Violet(active) Translucent, with optical scatter Roughly cylindrical, with triangular facets.
Physical Description(Human)
5’4”, or 163 cm Subject appears to weigh 160 lbs, or 72 kg Subject actually weighs 110 lbs, or 50 kg Light Brown/Blue/Pale Smooth, Soft, Unworked, and Unmarred/Unmarked Light/Underdeveloped None/Lemon Mint and Peach, with a Hint of Strawberry Utterly Pristine Undyed linen shirt and britches. Undyed woolen shin-length socks. Leather Shin-length boots with reinforced soles and toes. Grey-dyed trousers and collared tunic, trousers fastened with a leather belt with a string-tied coin pouch affixed. Double-layered black woolen cloak fastened with braided, undyed twine.
Out-of-Character Information
@Vii 05/11/2021

Violet is a synthetic(man-made) construct(autonomous and sentient non-biological creature). It consists of two main parts:

Violet's phylactery is the 'core' component of its body, the likes of which establishes its identity and all of its fundamental properties. The material that it is made from is significantly denser than most 'heavy' metals, and even a superficial inspection will reveal it to be faceted expertly, with a mirror finish. This object is constructed with subtle, infinitesimal cavities throughout its internal structure, the internal surface of which are themselves carved with extremely precise symbols and geometric patterns, the likes of which are much too fine to discern with the naked eye. When the phylactery is in an inactive or non-insulated state, these cavities give the crystal optical scatter which results in its color, as well as the 'smoky' appearance beneath its surface. When the crystal is activated or insulated, it instead appears completely opaque and, as the creature's name implies, it adopts a "Violet" hue.

All of the processes resulting from the activation of the phylactery are detailed in the "Phylactery Property Inventory" below. Of particular importance are the phylactery's ability to generate and manipulate 'thought' energy, and its ability to generate and excrete pseudomaterial.

Violet's pseudomaterial is the 'peripheral' component of its body, the likes of which establishes its identifying features and all of its zoological properties. Violet's pseudomaterial is generally utilized to maintain a male human body with an apparent age in the mid-20s. For a more detailed description of the appearance of Violet's pseudomaterial assembly, see "Current Zoological Features" below.

All of the processes resulting from the excretion of pseudomaterial and its infusion with 'thought' energy are detailed in the "Generalized Zoological Property Inventory" below. Of particular importance is the pseudomaterial's ability to adopt the physical properties of a male human body, with features that give rise to Violet's "human form" as stated prior, which it does not refer to as distinct from its "self".

Current Zoological Features


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The subject's human body is slightly shorter and less muscular compared to the average human male from most regions of Arethil. A quick glance from a surveyor would note a young, bookish noble in well-maintained but plain clothing and a light money pouch. Brief contact with the subject will reveal nothing of note other than his lack of defined muscular tone, and attempts to smell the subject would reveal a fruity perfume.

A closer look or tactile inspection will allow a surveyor to discern seemingly supernatural cleanliness. Not a speck of dirt or grime is anywhere to be found across the subject's entire human body, clothes included. Further, his tunic does not appear to make contact with his abdomen, but it is shaped by his chest, indicating a lack of intestinal fullness, and possible starvation. This finding would be uncanny to such a surveyor, given how Violet's human body does not otherwise appear to be cachectic. An attempt to smell the subject closely will reveal only the fruity perfume and some of the scents of the leather, dye, and textiles of the subject's clothing.

Were the subject to be inspected in detail without obstruction and with contact and olfactory analysis, a surveyor would determine that the subject's entire body is in a perfect state of health, but that he is missing certain organ systems. His genitourinary system is entirely missing, as is his intestinal tract below the stomach, including the inferior gastrointestinal os. His abdominal cavity is recessed due to the absence of these organ systems, but it is still insulated with a thin layer of fat and mesentery, and his abdominal muscles are still present. Attempts to 'smell' the subject at any location will only result in the apparent 'flowery and fruity perfume' scent.

The subject's voice is generally observed to be calm, with a silvery and soft tone. Although his voice is clearly masculine, its pitch is in the tenor range rather than the bass range. In spite of this, his elocution is remarkably sloppy, his intonation is incredibly imprecise, and he speaks at an abnormally slow pace.

Close inspection of the subject during vocal production will reveal nothing of interest. The subject's vocal inflection is expected for a typical human subject in every perceptible way.

Phylactery Property Inventory

Violet's Phylactery is the object which ultimately results in all of Violet's properties. The following are the definitions for technical terms found in the details of the properties below:
- Body: An assembly of material which can perform various functions through energetic circuits which generate or otherwise manipulate Psionic Energy so as to interface with Informational Energy.

- Complexed Adamantite: The material which fills the entirety of the internal matrix of the Phylactery. It is remarkably dense, extremely hard, and relatively durable, but it has a regular crystal habit that is easily sheared, and its compression modulus is relatively low compared to most crystals. It's most important property is Energy Compression, and the resulting Transmutative Receptivity and Transmutative Deposivity.

- Energy Compression: A material bearing this property can absorb energy through a process called Reception.

- Energy Unit: An arbitrary quantity of energy, specifically the quantity necessary to generate 1 kg of Visceral Essence through Psionic Propagation of Psionic Energy into Ralxitite, and then subsequent Immaterial Transmogrification Reaction to Visceral Essence. For further context, this quantity of energy is approximately equal to the amount necessary to lift a 10 kg weight 1 m into the air parallel to the force of gravity, or approximately 100 J. This quantity is not calculated with consideration to inefficiencies inherent to the energy interconversion process, since these losses differ based on process.

- Immaterial Transmogrification Reaction: An interaction between a material with Transmogrity and Psionic Energy which eliminates the Psionic Energy and the material with Transmogrity, and which results in the production of a Pseudomaterial.

- Information Energy: A form of non-spatial 'thought' energy that is accessed through Psionic Energy.

- Material Remogrification Reaction: An interaction between a Pseudomaterial with any material other than another Pseudomaterial which results in the production of Psionic Energy and the disintegration of the target material. The amount of Psionic Energy produced is dependent on the Chemical Energy of the material that is broken down.

- Mind: A construct of Informational Energy that is not spatially instantiated, but which is nonetheless accessed through Psionic Energy. This construct results in mental properties and capabilities, but it requires a Soul to operate.

- Phylactery: Generally refers to an object housing a creature's Soul. Can also refer to an intricate material assembly which functions as a non-physiological Body.

- Projection: The usage of Scaffolding to guide Psionic Energy from one location to another.

- Pseudomaterial: A general term describing substances which possess no innate physical properties.

- Psionic Energy: A form of spatial 'thought' energy that is accessed through a creature's Body.

- Psionic Propagation: A material bearing this property will absorb Psionic Energy that passes through it, and will generate more of itself utilizing the energy.

- Ralxitite: The material which coats the outermost layer of the phylactery. This material is inert, it has an extremely high deformation energy capacity, it is a near-perfect insulator, and it possesses an irregularly regular crystal habit with no clean shear line. However, its most important properties are Transmogrity, Variable Directed Insulation, and Psionic Propagation.

- Reception: The process of interconverting a spatially-instantiated energy type into Informational Energy.

- Scaffolding: The induction of self-replicating constructs of Psionic Energy, the likes of which is immobilized relative to other units in the scaffold, and which is impermeable to Psionic Energy. Units in the scaffold can partially deconstruct themselves in order to generate kinetic energy that can direct or convey nearby Psionic Energy which is not itself part of the scaffold.

- Soul: A construct of Informational Energy that is not spatially instantiated, but which is nonetheless accessed through Psionic Energy.

- Transmogrity: A material bearing this property can interact with Psionic energy in order to go through an Immaterial Transmogrification Reaction.

- Transmutative Deposivity: A material bearing this property will 'deposit' itself adjacent to another material with identical properties if Psionic Energy accesses Informational Energy related to a Recepted material with identical properties.

- Transmutative Receptivity: A material bearing this property will itself interconvert into Informational Energy if it undergoes Reception with too great a quantity of energy in a specific period of time.

- Variable Directed Insulation: A material bearing this property can adjust its permittivity to a specific type of energy that is incident in a specific direction. Adjustments to the permittivity property require infusion of Psionic Energy from the opposite direction.

- Visceral Essence: A material with no innate physical properties which can be produced through Generation on the surface layer of the Phylactery.

The following is a description of activation and inactivation of the Phylactery, in addition to other relevant details:
The Phylactery is inactive by default, which implies that there is no Psionic Energy circulating through its cavities. In its inactive state, the Ralxitite layer has full permittivity of all energy types, although it will still function as an insulator. In its inactive state, the Phylactery is vulnerable to manipulation and damage due to the Transmutative Receptivity property of the Complexed Adamantite matrix. However, it would require an intensive and purposeful act on the part of an enchanter in order to do so - incidental energy will be deflected by the insulatory properties and hardness of the Ralxitite layer.

When the Phylactery is infused with Psionic Energy, the substructure on the surface of these internal cavities interacts with the Psionic Energy in order to access the Informational Energy associated with Violet's Mind and Soul. Because this process requires repetitive and self-propagating Psionic Energy circuits to already be fully powered, activation requires approximately 24 hours. The activation process can be interrupted at any point through withdrawal of all Psionic energy from the internal cavities of the Phylactery. Similarly, even if the Phylactery is fully activated, if all of the Psionic Energy which it contains is forcefully withdrawn from its internal cavities, it will immediately become inactive.

Informational Energy is not associated in any material way with the Phylactery, and can therefore not be altered through disorganized and sudden processes. Violet's Mind and Soul can only be inherently altered through powerful spells or rituals used over relatively long periods of time, or through Violet's passive experience as it consciously interacts with the world. However the Phylactery's access to the Informational Energy can be disrupted or deviated through damage or other alterations to the internal cavities of the Phylactery, which can result in temporary functional changes to how Violet's Mind and Soul are accessed.

The Phylactery does not decay over time, since the materials that it consists of can self-repair while active. However, because Transmutative Receptivity and Transmutative Deposivity result in the production of 'impurities' which will build up over the course of centuries, and will impair the function of the device. Due to the nature of the Phylactery, it is impossible for Violet to remove these impurities on its own. As such, unless Violet is deactivated and the impurities are disintegrated and interconverted into pure Complexed Adamantite, Violet will become permanently inactive once the impurities build up to the point that they impede the Psionic Energy circuits from functioning properly.

The following is a description of the Psionic Energy storage and usage of the Phylactery, in addition to other relevant details:
Since some Psionic Energy is spent in order to maintain the Psionic Energy circuits which enable access to the Information Energy of Violet's Mind and Soul, there is a passive 'burn rate' of Psionic Energy within Violet's Phylactery. This quantity is approximately equal to 1 Energy Unit per day, which is remarkably low.

By default, the Phylactery can internally store a maximum of 100 Energy Units. This is not a hard limit, since Psionic Energy is not stored spatially. Rather, it represents how Violet is remarkably inefficient at storing Psionic Energy. There are numerous reasons for this. One of the most notable is its wariness about 'burning' sections of its Complexed Adamantite matrix through storing too much in a singular area all at once, resulting in Transmutative Receptivity. Another reason is that some Psionic Energy has to be used to 'locate' good spots to store the Psionic Energy, and Violet uses a large quantity to do so at the moment because Violet is not yet used to the current layout of the matrix of its Phylactery.

The average Human body is capable of storing around 200 Energy Units. Unlike Violet's Phylactery, this is a hard limit, since Psionic Energy is stored spatially in a Human's body. The majority of this energy is stored in the Human's brain(around 150 Energy Units), with the remainder being distributed unevenly throughout the rest of the Human's body.

The following is a description of the Scaffolding usage of the Phylactery, in addition to other relevant details:
Violet must expend 1 Energy Unit in order to generate an invisible Psionic Scaffold that will both leave its Phylactery(requiring a reduction of permittivity in the Ralxitite layer) and extend the maximum stable distance of 120' away from the Phylactery. Such Scaffolds are capable of conveying a maximum of 10 Energy Units per second, with a relatively low impulse, and their efficiency becomes far lower the further away they convey energy, resulting in more waste. Any part of a Psionic Scaffold is capable of interconverting Psionic Energy into Kinetic energy, since Psionic Energy can function as Potential Energy for other energy types as one of its fundamental properties. As such, Violet can still utilize these Scaffolds to move objects at a distance, although it cannot do so nearly as well as it can with upgraded Scaffolds, even before considering the significant reduction in efficiency.

Alternatively, Violet can spend 2 Energy Units to generate a more stable, reinforced Psionic Scaffold which is only capable of extending up to 30' away from its Phylactery. Unlike the standard Scaffold, upgraded Scaffolds have very minimal inefficiency as distance from the Phylactery increases. Further, upgraded scaffolds are capable of forming complex circuits at the end points, the likes of which can enable the interconversion of Psionic Energy to another form of energy, or vice versa. Such upgraded Scaffolds are capable of conveying a maximum of 100 Energy Units per second, with a relatively high impulse.

As such, these upgraded Scaffolds can be used to generate and absorb 'magical effects'. That said, it takes a significant amount of time to generate an upgraded Scaffold and to 'form' the complex circuit at the end in order to enable the absorption of energy from a specific magic effect, so it is only capable of mitigating rapid effects to a small extent. Further, the complex circuit takes a remarkable amount of understanding to get right, so especially complicated 'magical effects', particularly those that Violet could not produce on its own, cannot be 'absorbed' through its upgraded Scaffolds.

The Psionic Energy that is conveyed through these Scaffolds can be used to access the Informational Energy of surrounding constructs, or to enable access to Informational Energy so as to communicate 'thoughts' directly to a creature's mind. However, creatures can very easily ignore the 'access' provided by these Scaffolds, since they invariably seem 'different' from the creature's own thoughts. Additionally, the sensory information obtained through Scaffolds is obtained remarkably slowly when compared to conventional Human senses, and even the upgraded Scaffolds cannot 'penetrate' the Body of an object or creature in order to access guarded information, such as a creature's thoughts or the properties of a curse on a magic item.

The following is a description of the Property Manipulation of Visceral Essence which the Phylactery is capable of, in addition to other relevant details:
Visceral Essence is a fairly simple Pseudomaterial, in that its properties can only be altered by Psionic Energy with the same origin as that which resulted in the Visceral Essence's production from Ralxitite. The most basic property that Violet can induce into Visceral Essence results in the production of a caustic immaterial substance which can enable Material Remogrification Reactions, and hence, the production of Psionic Energy. Once this caustic immaterial substance makes contact with a material, Violet can utilize a Scaffold to 'perceive' the Material Remogrification Reaction in order to discern the structural and chemical details of the material. These details then become stored as a memory.

At any time, Violet can utilize its stored memories of the structural and chemical details of materials in order to either interconvert Visceral Essence into a material with exactly the same structure and chemical details, or into a structure with similar or slightly altered structure and chemical details to one that is already in its memory. Accessing memories takes time, but Violet can store as many as it wants, so it can theoretically convert its Visceral Essence into any object that it is capable of breaking down with its caustic immaterial substance, and which it is simultaneously able to 'perceive' through its Scaffolds.

Visceral Essence is not, however, capable of retaining its nature as a Pseudomaterial if it is not directly in contact with the Ralxitite layer of Violet's Phylactery. This is primarily due to the requirement that the Psionic Energy be of the same origin as that of that which caused its production from Ralxitite - if the Visceral Essence separates from the Ralxitite, the Psionic Energy will have to travel through a Psionic Scaffold to arrive at the Visceral Essence, which will change its 'origin'. Visceral Essence that is not continuously in contact with an acceptable form of Psionic Energy will retain all of the properties it was invested in prior to separation, and will lose all of its immaterial properties. If it was not given any material properties prior to separation, it will generally default to becoming a combination of air and water vapor.

Violet can control its Visceral Essence only up to a certain distance away from its Phylactery since the Psionic Energy cannot be transmitted through it in Scaffolds. This fundamentally limits the size of Violet's body, essentially preventing its from formulating or controlling Visceral Essence more than 10' away from its Phylactery. This isn't a hard limit, but beyond that it starts taking more than an instant to convey Psionic Energy, which pretty much necessitates that its body be physiologically capable of supporting itself without Visceral Essence adjustments past that point, especially in combat scenarios.

The following is a description of the Consumption usage of the Phylactery, in addition to other relevant details:
When Violet produces the caustic immaterial substance and attempts to break down a material with it, the interaction is essentially equivalent to a high-tier disintegration spell. Any object that is immune to disintegration is similarly immune to this caustic immaterial substance. Notably, this means that Violet has to shield its own Phylactery from this caustic immaterial substance after it is generated using visceral essence without any physical properties, since its Phylactery is capable of being disintegrated.

Consumption is limited in various ways, however. The caustic immaterial substance must still be in contact with Violet's Phylactery, whether directly or through intermediary Visceral Essence. Further, in order to prevent its Phylactery from receiving damage, Violet can only produce enough of this caustic immaterial substance to disintegrate 1 kg of material per second. This is not a hard limit, but Violet is not especially good at directing its Visceral Essence, and it has not yet developed a way to insulate its Phylactery from the caustic immaterial substance.

The following is a description of the Replication usage of the Phylactery, in addition to other relevant details:
As indicated in the "Property Manipulation" Parameters, once Violet's Visceral Essence separates from other Visceral Essence or its Phylactery, it will immediately lose all of its immaterial properties and will rigidly adopt any physical properties it had prior to its separation. As such, Violet can produce exact copies of anything that it has consumed simply by turning part of its body into a replica of the consumed item and then separating it from its body. This is similarly true for energetic effects that are absorbed through Violet's Scaffolds, although complicated energetic effects like enchantments are generally going to be far too complicated for it unless it studies them intensively until it can perform the enchantment even without its Scaffolds.

Much like with its Property Manipulation, Violet can instantly produce replicas as long as it has a memory of the exact details of its structure and chemistry, but accessing the memories takes time. The more memories are required to figure out the 'recipe' for an object, the longer it will take to produce the item. Violet will therefore keep only a select few 'recipes' available in highly accessible 'parts' of its Mind so as to be able to access them easily in stressful situations like combat.

Generalized Zoological Property Inventory

Due to Violet's body being composed of Visceral Essence and being entirely connected to its Phylactery, it receives several properties which ordinary Humans lack. Further, Violet has elected to remove the Genitourinary and intestinal organ systems in order to reduce static energetic costs, reduce the potential routes of injury, and to take advantage of its Visceral Essence. The beneficial changes are indicated as follows:
Violet removed the intestinal tract below the stomach because the intestinal tract contains a huge number of blood vessels, and consumes an enormous amount of water and chemical energy. Violet can utilize caustic immaterial substance to break down food much more efficiently than can a set of Human intestines, so it opted to remove it entirely because it was a liability for it.

As for the genitourinary system, Violet removed it because it was much more efficient to consume the byproducts of blood filtration via caustic immaterial substance rather than to excrete it. Further, Violet found that genitals 'got in the way' and served as a liability in combat, so it opted to remove them entirely with the rationale that it could just add them back if they were ever needed.

Overall, this significantly reduced Violet's body weight, reduced metabolic costs, and mitigated a significant amount of the injury potential of attacks to its abdomen and hip. As such, Violet requires significantly less food than a normal Human, Violet never has to excrete waste through normal means, and it weighs significantly less than a normal Human with the same amount of musculature and the same height.
Due to Violet's body being made of Visceral Essence, Violet is capable of adjusting its physiology as-needed. This can take the form of substantially improving the density of musculature or bone in certain areas, altering the hardness of a section of skin, or even improving the definition of senses through addition of more sensory features. These augmentations can happen near-instantly as long as Violet's body remains less than 10' away from its Phylactery, and so long as it remains continuous.

Alternatively, Violet can outright defy its Human physiology and convert part of its Body's Visceral Essence such that its properties change to an inanimate object like a hunk of steel. Violet can also entirely transform its Visceral Essence from that of a Human Body to that of some other kind of object or creature. That said, transformation requires a significantly larger investment of Psionic Energy than does a Bodily Augmentation, and it also takes longer due to diffusion.
Due to Violet's body being made of Visceral Essence, Violet is capable of simply 'filling in the gaps' or using kinetic energy to 'close' injuries. These modifications require a substantial amount of energy, but they enable Violet to retain the structural soundness of its body. In essence, this regeneration is only able to 'delay the inevitable' if Violet gets into a battle in which it takes more damage than it can regenerate through consumption of surrounding energy and material.

Another use of this feature involves replacing used chemicals. For instance, if Violet holdsits breath, it can simply interconvert the 'nonbreathable air' back into 'breathable air' within its blood stream or lungs, thereby rendering breathing redundant temporarily. This form of regeneration is much more sustainable since it doesn't involve the use of kinetic energy, force, and memory, but it will still be significantly less efficient than just performing the normal physiological function.

It is possible for Violet to 'regenerate' other creatures' bodies, or other objects. In order to do so, Violet either needs to have already formed a 'memory' of the in-tact structure and chemical composition of the creature or object prior to the injury, in which case it can simply restore it, or Violet will need to 'estimate' what it would be like based on surrounding tissue. Only the former method of regeneration will result in 'true' healing. The later may mitigate or entirely eliminate the negative effects of the injury in the short-term, but unless the injury is properly and fully healed, the deviations from the original structure will eventually lead to inefficiencies or negative effects once again.

However, there are numerous downsides to Violet's unique physiology, the likes of which result in the following detrimental changes:
Although Violet is capable of instantly eliminating the permeability of its Phylactery in response to external threats like spells and mind-altering effects, this does not protect its Human brain from the effects. In fact, due to its Human brain being largely optimized for storage of Psionic Energy and additional processing power rather than being optimized for thinking and inhibiting action like normal Human brains, Violet is significantly less capable of defending against mind-altering effects.

Granted, the mind-altering effects will not persist as long since Violet will be able to re-establish control and nullify the effects of the spell once the target-establishing stage of the effect is over. But while Violet is affected, Violet will be significantly more effected than other creatures. Further, if the target-establishing stage of the effect persists, Violet will remain significantly more affected for much longer than normal creatures, because its Human brain will not be nearly as good at fighting off the effect.
Due to the specific properties of Violet's Soul, it is only capable of efficiently maintaining a Human body with a certain quality of physique. Violet can attempt to temporarily improve its Human's musculature, but doing so is highly inefficient. This limitation only seems to apply for traits that are relevant to combat, so changing gender or creature type does not necessarily cause a reduction in efficiency.

Psychological Profile

Violet has several distinct personality traits which will be abundantly obvious to anyone who interacts with it on a regular basis:
- Analytically Naïve: Violet is extremely rational when it comes to interpreting and utilizing available information. However, this rationality often serves as an inconvenience to it however, because many interactions with sentient creatures are not immediately rational(such as certain sayings like 'shut your trap').

- Aversion to Pain: Anything that causes pain, even to a relatively minor extent, will cause Violet an irrational level of concern and fear. Violet can be convinced to go through something painful, but it takes a decent amount of willpower for it to happen.

- Curious: Violet has a remarkably strong urge to learn more about things. This urge is often overwhelming, to the point that it leads Violet to perform acts that it knows are detrimental, or even immoral.

- Non-Confrontational: Violet is an utter pushover. While it can be convinced to assert itself in certain circumstances in spite of someone else's will to the contrary, it takes a decent amount of willpower for it to happen.

However, Violet also has several personality traits that are much harder to notice unless you pay closer attention, or unless you are around Violet in relatively specific circumstances:
- Fear of Being Crushed: Violet has an overriding fear of being crushed. Even massages are out of the question for it, and that's to say nothing of handshakes and hugs. It takes Violet a considerable amount of willpower to do something which puts it at risk of being crushed, even if the risk is so minute that not doing so on that basis would be irrational.

- Desire for Love: Although Violet doesn't care at all about the more 'romantic' side of things, it still has an irrational and overwhelming desire to be loved and trusted by other people. This urge tends to be overwhelming enough that Violet will perform acts that it knows are detrimental, or even immoral, in order to attempt to maintain or repair good or previously good relationships with people that it is close to.

- Identity Complex: Violet is extremely self-conscious about its identity as a 'Human', so it will often try to distinguish itself from other people even when doing so is pointless or irrational.

- Indifference to Common Vices: Violet very obviously has no interest whatsoever in acquiring physical possessions of any kind, engaging in 'romantic' or 'more intense' activities, utilizing recreational 'medications', or getting back at people who attempt to harm Violet in pursuit of their own gain.

Biography & Lore

Violet is a plastoid mimic whose phylactery was found miles below the surface of the Aberresai Savannah in a vein of marble, surrounded by the petrified remains of an ancient wooden container with the scarred traces of what may have at one point been an enchanted metal of some sort. The phylactery was found by miners, and it exchanged hands several times before being activated by sheer happenstance due to the decaying energy of a spell which was used in order to identify Violet's properties.

Once Violet was fully activated, it ran away from the creature that was inspecting it, and slowly began figuring out details about its surroundings. It took around a year for Violet to wander around and figure out the basics of how things worked in Arethil. Over this year, it learned Common by watching other people in various towns and cities, it developed numerous memories about certain materials, it figured out how its abilities worked, and it learned more about the world around it. Violet had numerous interactions with other travelers, but Violet didn't end up forming any significant friendships or bonds along the way due to its strange behavior and extremely limited mastery over the common tongue.

At the end of the year, Violet found itself wandering about the sandy wilderness of Amol Kalit. During this time, Violet was captured by slave traders, but subsequently met a figure named Raaji, who helped free Violet from their grasp. They travelled together for a short time, but ultimately, Raaji only helped Violet learn a few words, and to temporarily experience the warmth of companionship. Violet was soon be reunited with the coldness of isolation as they went their separate ways. (See 1 below)

Violet's wandering eventually lead it to discover a fascinating place called the Shallows, east of Alliria. There, the colorful fabrics arrayed about the structures drew Violet in, and Violet's peculiar and rather sudden relationship with one of the settlement's less upstanding residents, Urchin, kept Violet there for a while. Violet was able to temporarily enjoy companionship once again, and also learned a few lessons about how to interact with people through Urchin and his cohorts. However, after a rather unfortunate misunderstanding, Violet ended up separating from them once again, leading Violet to continue its solemn journey. (See 2 below)

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