The Steed of Hellet


Biographical information
The spine, Crobhear lake Unknown
Physical description
Winged horse Stallion 220cm 1100kg Flaxen Brown Liver chestnut
Political information
Maho Sparhawk Transport
Out-of-character information
Nidraak 25.11.2018


Smoldermane (Also goes by many other names that he was given like Lightningcutter and Bonecleaver,) appears to be a typical winged horse from the southern reaches of the Spine.
Like any member of this fabled wild equine species, their wings are hidden under their skin and grow out when the need arises.

Of particular note is also a runic looking brand on its right flank. It is barely illegible even for most adept runic mages. This mark possibly relates to this horses' strange behavious.

Skills and Abilities

+Able to run faster and for longer than any normal horse.

-Craves for fresh flesh
-Absolutely loathes bits.

~Appears to survive damage that would normally kill a horse
~That is probably relating to the horses' hunger for souls, which it uses to extend its own life.


Very much unlike a horse. The Steed of Hellet is bold and is known to charge after submissive appearing individuals with the intent to kill.
Murderous and dominating personality.
Though currently through bad and good, is loyal to Maho Sparhawk, dislikes still. Ew humans.

Biography & Lore

This particular winged horse is rumoured to be ancient, despite its species life expectancy being 60 years.
Many adventurers claim that The Steed of Hellet is a particularly magical horse, which made it a well sought after mount for the daring adventurer.
This semi-feral horse had plenty of past owners, some of which the horse ended himself.
It is rumoured that the horses true name is Former.

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