That Which Makes Pure

That Which Makes Pure

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??? ??? ???
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Id, "Great Holy One" Enormous Enormous
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Itself The Apparatus
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"Deperet" by Paul Gerrard

It seeks to be more than what It once was.

It has given Itself purpose. Purpose which separates It from the Id. For the Id are driven solely by base desire. The whim of emotion, rising and falling. Unthinking, nameless, infinite monsters. Unholy.

That Which Makes Pure has found Itself, discovered Its ethic by which to exist and propagate. It has become more than the Ids below It. And It is Id no longer. It is Greater. It is Holier. One of the Few.

Its guiding ethic: Purity.

It finds lesser things that are impure. And It seeks to cleanse them. To strip away the extraneous.

To look into their hearts. To see and know what lies within.

To make them pure.

And one lesser thing It has found is named Mischa Ven'rohk.

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