Shiloh Albright


Biographical information
Elbion 19 Elbion, although many will find that she’s hardly ever there.
Physical description
Human Female 5 feet 3 inches 110 lbs soaking wet Black, dyed with green and blue streaks and ends Black White
Political information
eblion drop out
Out-of-character information
SilenceConspiracy 07/30/22 By eu._.oo on instagram


“I feel like I’m screaming,
But a moan is all I’m leaving
Got a pain of the mind,
Need some change in my life

What is it I’m seeking?
Does this life have any meaning?

Lived a dangerous life,
and it’s run out of time.”

-The Magick, Michael Lattino


Shiloh is small and slender with impossibly pale skin. Almond shaped eyes that frame unforgiving black obsidian irises, where her pupil starts or ends cannot be determined even with apt sunlight. Hair is thick and straight, forever unable to curl. Bangs cut in a blunt cut that hide her eyebrows and tickle her eyelashes. Pure black hair currently dyed with jewel toned green and blue streaks much to her mother’s dismay.

Wears all black from head to toe and despite her insistence that she isn’t interested in fashion whatsoever, she puts quite a lot of thought into her outfits, even if it’s just to elicit a reaction from her mother.

Skills and Abilities

College Magic: Shiloh has gone to magical institutions all her life and is well versed in many spells, whether it’s harnessing the elements, transfiguration, arcane shields or blasts, and even flying around on a broom.

Ticking Time Bomb: or just a really, really, really big bomb inside a very little girl. Just ask the cat thats always following her around.


Cynical and unapologetic, Shiloh has little issues with letting her feelings being known right as she feels them. Constantly rolling her eyes and saying she doesn’t care about things but then always seeming to do the opposite and getting involved to help others.

Biography & Lore

The Albright family has been a highly influential family of mages and scholars. Set in their old ways, they are masters of what many call “old magic.”

Sana Albright: Shiloh’s grandmother, matriarch of the family
Jacob Albright: Shiloh’s father, esteemed professor at Elbion College
Evera Albright: Shiloh’s Mother, big on divination magic
Shiloh is the youngest of twelve siblings and is the only girl. She was spoiled like crazy.


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