Sannoru of the Thousand Valleys

Sannoru 'Sanno'

Biographical information
Mountain village in the island chain between the tundra and Sheketh 50 years?* Hidden Valley of the Sweet Peas
Physical description
Elf Eastern Dark Elf ? 170cm Muscular-athletic Dark brown Bright green, black eyewhites. Cyan lucidum Blue
Political information
Out-of-character information
Nidraak 19.09.2918 Nidraak

An Eastern Dark Elf

Shamed, beaten, punished. You got it all. Once the apple of their eye. Now the scorn of all.
The mark on your face your burden for eternity.
Murderer. Dangerous. Betrayer.

But now...
I am free

People don't ever change. Or do they.


An infamous sellsword from the island chain between Eretejva tundra and the Isles of Sheketh. Their honorific name of Sannoru of The Thousand valleys still strikes fear into many of the transient islands. Now mostly known as Sanno of the Hidden Valley of the Sweet Peas to identify them with their newly gained infamy.


When you look upon them, the first thing to ingest is their striking skin, which is so blue that even pure dyes from Amol-Kalit cannot compete in the brilliance. Though upon closer inspection, their facade is marred and scarred from various age-old strifes, of which the most characteristic scar being the assembly located around their mouth, which extends further up their left cheek... Other than that, their right cheek shows a tattoo consisting of a bar and 3 dots, it's very obscurring and pronounced, it's a mark with which to track prisoners really, not fashion. San tends to cover it up.
And when you're looking that close, you'll realize that Sannoru is either a feminine male or a butch lass. Their voice and mannerism is ambiguous, while the clothes they wear cover up any indicative parts.

Personality & Mentality

loyal, calm, perceptive, callous, contentious

Their expression varies from cold to weary, rarely at tranquil peace. San seems to always be on their toes and rather ill strusting of others, for good reason. Sanno no longer trusts the meek masses and especially distrusts...loathes authorities.

There is not much that can surprise Sannoru anymore either, nor do they get insulted easily.

Sannoru is detached from the plight of others as much as in denial of their own pain. Preferring to hide behind a carefully structured facade than to show even a single flaw that could be taken advantage of. However, Sannoru is quite likely to coldly snap at flaws of others when they're on the edge of their nerves.
Other than that they uphold a deceptively calm personality with a seemingly endless tolerance on irritating people. However most should vary, there is a wrath to the elf that cannot be compared with even the most visceous of beasts and monsters that wander Arethil.

Quirks and Mannerism

San regularly flips a green coin when waiting.
Despite possessing the means to travel swiftly, and does so when required, moves rather sluggishly on their own accord as if they have all the time of the world. Tends to adapt to other people's pace but if travel speed is up to them, it'll never be quick.
Essentially never 'in a hurry'.
While in Eretejva, often takes the form of animals, generally canines, alligators, deer or small birds, both male and female in form.

Recent habits include night terrors and loudly yowling 'do it' 'kill' 'why did you not...' and the like. Generally makes no sense with plenty of interpretations.
Sometimes happens one hour into their normal biorythm sleep cycle.
Allways happens if they have to sleep through the night.


Where did this section go, ꙩ.ꙩ ?

Magic, Skills & inventory

Out of practice, that's what 20 years do to you. Take note of all that is written and lower it for 5 levels of starvation.
Sannoru's condition is recovered.

Precise, fast and exact, those are the three traits that gave san their fame in their homeland in the first place. No other of her kind could compete in scroll magic and quick, exact writing.
Hand to hand combat, hey that works too, trained it since early childhood through vigorous training that The Valley of Sweet Peas was known for.
Acrobat, climbing, backflips, athletics, gymnastics (and has a sweet spot for dancing) and all other similar things, but then again their preferred pace is sluggishly slow.

Water, it's heir strongest element of use, they can use other elements as well with wind following a close second. Of note is also their blood magic (water), which can draw out blades from the body.
Commodity spells, things like transformations, shapeshifting through leaves, smoke screens, protective contracts etc. etc.
Earthern blood, is a condition spell which manifests itself in red painterly fires. Dangerous to use and detrimental.
Scroll magic, all of that is concentrated in scroll magic, san can write absurdly quickly while in action, but prefers to prewrite scrolls for later use. A large scroll is used to hold all the heavy spells like strong gales or vortexes, and two smaller scrolls for commodity spells while small unrolled strips are used for quick effect spells.

Scroll case, carries one on their side, it stores a singular long scroll out of cotton
Chestnut ink, it's very dark and neat, used to write the spells in.
Ink tablets, from soot and glue
Paintbrushes of Eretejvan squirrel, a set of three brushes of various thicknesses.
Ni-nat ee, a small 3-branches sword, in shape akin to an antler.

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