Quellyn D'Araesia

Quellyn D'Araesia

Biographical information
Allirian Strait 23 Fal'Addas
Physical description
elvenkind female 5'9" 132 lbs pale silver blue-grey medium
Political information
Fal'Addas flower weaver, nature singer
Out-of-character information
bluecarp 01.07.19 https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/503587725/woodland-elven-kroon?ref=related-4


The first thing you'd notice about this elf are her silver tresses that casacade to her lower back. Not platinum blonde or pale grey, but as silver as the moon, or the light reflected from a rippling sea. It is often intricately braided with flowers, leaves, and occasionally twigs or vines. Her eyes are a blue-grey hue reflective of the waters in which she was born. She is of average height and build for an elf of her age.

Skills and Abilities

- singing: produces growth in plants
- flower weaving: adds live flowers to an assortment of items, may be used to decorate homes, gardens, or clothing
- careless grace: her movements are lithe and graceful without her trying, part of her elvish DNA


Biography & Lore


Categories: Category Elves

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