Nezu Salkhid

Nezu Salkhid

Biographical information
Dornoch 18 Inns and wayhouses in port towns; no fixed abode
Physical description
Human Male 5'9" Black Black Ivory
Political information
Itinerant Priest and Sailor
Out-of-character information
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Nezu is a young priest of Celestialism and travelling sailor. He plies a trade working a ship as well as fulfilling the clerical needs of the towns and cities of the north. He is a youth of powerful, convivial faith but with a skittish tendency towards others, finding difficulty in overcoming the fearful need to continually protect himself.


Nezu has a small and wiry build. During sea voyages he was predominantly put to work high on the rigging, or low in the confines of the holds, where coordination was prized ahead of physical might. His skin is relatively pale for his heritage, despite days spent in direct sunlight above deck or walking the roads between settlements. He has large, dark eyes shimmering with awareness and alive with emotion, and he usually wears his fine, black hair in a messy braid to keep it from bothering him while working. His resting posture tends towards lazy nonchalance with arms either folded or in pockets, and his neutral expression settles into tight lips and a firm brow as though concerned with something passing through his mind. He moves with grace and fluidity when at work, accented with sudden jolts of skittish motion when something occurs to him.

Nezu's attire fits his profession - a baggy shirt and cotton breeches which are tied tightly at the knees and elbows for ease of mobility. He doesn't usually accessorise, and most are not surprised when he mentions his ascetic upbringing. His shoes are soft and comfortable, designed for speedy climbs and dashes rather than long stretches on the road, and he has a simple sack over one shoulder which contains most of his belongings. The rest, a leather-bound book of Celestial liturgy and a sheathed knife, he wears bound to his chest beneath his shirt so that they cannot be easily stolen.

Skills and Abilities

Body for the Sea: His extensive time spent aboard ships has given Nezu a wide mix of sailing skills with which he can help earn a wage. He is proficient in ropework and rigging, sail repair and maintenance, as well as some wind-reading and navigation. His keen eyes have also earned him plenty of time watching from a crow's nest or forecastle. He has the technique for rowing, but lacks the stamina to keep it up for long. He takes orders quickly and effectively, working alongside others where necessary but preferring to lose himself alone in his work.

Heart for the Stars: Nezu's 'true calling', however, comes from his faith. He is a trained and ordained member of the Celestial priesthood despite his young age, and has practiced commissioning a number of basic holy rituals and acts of liturgy. As a representative of the Gods on Arethil, he can call words of blessing and protection on people and places, speak authority over physical and spiritual disorders and even perform marriages and funerals. He is also an accomplished listener, and often takes the time to listen to the concerns of his shipmates and to intercede with the Gods on their behalf as a sort of counselor.

Spirit for the World Beyond: Though Nezu's 'miracles' are usually quiet and subtle, his connection to the Far Above grants him occasional glimpses beyond his immediate surroundings. He is known to have prophetic if cryptic dreams concerning the near future, and has used this information to protect himself from harm on many occasions. His primary selling point, in fact, is his ability to predict the success or failure of sea voyages, and journeys he joins are well-known to be free from disaster or difficulty, making him something of a good-luck charm for the sailors of the Erdeniin.


Nezu's manner is of serious concentration. His frequent loss of family and friends has made him wary of forming close relationships and initially mistrustful of those who treat him kindly. Regardless, he takes his job very seriously and is willing to go above and beyond in order to stay helpful, which is how he was able to stay unbeaten and well fed when among the pirates.

His faith is another matter. In the absence of true family, Nezu attached himself to the exciting stories of the Gods and, once he recognised them for what they were, their whispering voices. To him, the Gods of Celestialism are much more an extended family than the erratic tyrants that many perceive. He understands the wants and demeanours of each of the Gods implicitly, and to the Gods he is a favoured son to be coddled and gently guided through the chaos of Arethil. He takes great comfort in feeling the presence of the Gods around him, and genuine joy in spending time in quiet prayer.

Outside of work, Nezu has learned to appreciate good things when they appear. He likes well-cooked food, well-performed music and the company of allies. His precepts forbid murder outside of open and organised warfare, but he does understand basic self-defense and has, to his shame, killed to protect himself in the past. Continually he is torn between a skittishness born of life without a foundation, and the desire to be with others.

Biography & Lore

Born of a Dornoch prostitute and raised by a travelling priest of the Celestial, Nezu has spent his life moving from town to town with his teacher. The stories of the Gods were his bedtime tales and the framework for his education, granting him a practical, straightforward faith. His own story began as a passenger on a sea vessel caught in a terrible storm that took the life of his teacher, a storm which he was able to calm with the weight of his prayer.

Nezu and his shipmates were rescued by a pirate crew, in whose care he spent his early teenage years and from whom he learned a different way to see the world. Though initially his time on the ship was harsh, he slowly learned to forge a place for himself through hard work on the ship and his unique talents in connecting the pirates to the Far Above. He left the crew less than a year prior, following a dream suggesting that he would be needed elsewhere.

Now he moves between ports, selling his clerical ability for the price of food and board in the form of blessings of protection on ships, as well as ritualistic cleansing and absolution for people, and makes up the difference with his competent skill as a sailor.


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