Nahir of the Desert


Biographical information
Unknown Unknown Amol-Kalit
Physical description
Abtati Male 6’2” Starved Dark Lapis Lazuli Filthy
Political information
Out-of-character information
TheScarletDastard 7/26/20

Lost, alone, confused, desperate.


Like a jackal that‘s missed a few meals.

As one of the Abtati, Nahir’s physical appearance is strange for a few key reasons. Firstly, his height. The average Abtatian is around 5’6”, and most tall Sand Elves don’t grow over 5’10”. At 6’2”, Nahir would certainly be suspected of being a half-breed by most Abtati, even without the damning evidence of his eyes.

Almost universally, the Abtati have striking eyes of a glowing amber color. Some family lines pass down interesting off-tones such as a more matte brass or a red sandstone, but always a warm desert color. Nahir’s eyes are a very specific and recognizable blue, especially to anyone from Annuakat, or who’s even observed the city from a distance; those gates are unforgettable.

Sand Elves of the Age of Chronicles have long since forgotten the significance of Nahir's height and eyes. But the young man remembers. He can never forget.

Skills and Abilities

Taught and Tutored

Nahir is a skilled tracker and hunter, thought these skills are mostly of use in the Amol-Kalit desert he calls home. Like most Sand Elves, he knows how to seemingly disappear among the sand dunes, confusing pursuers. He has a soldier's physique, with a hardy constitution, impressive strength for his lithe build, and unflinching endurance.

The young man has the skills of a soldier to match his physique. He has been trained to use sword and shield, spear and bow, with great proficiency. His movements and style are strange and unique, as if he was trained in a long-forgotten school of war. This odd style is especially noticeable when he wields a spear or staff.

Though Nahir could not yet be called a master of weapons, he hones his skill constantly with that goal in mind. For this reason, he relishes any chance to fight.

Soul Sage

As a true follower of Abtatu, Nahir practices Abtati Soul Channeling, and has meditated to achieve ascendency from a young age. By channeling core energy through the different aspects of his soul, he is able to manifest skills and abilities that other cultures would call "magic."

Nahir has aligned his Ko, Ahku, Sahu, Sekhem, and Khaibit, and currently ponders the alignment of his Bah. With each of these aligned facets of his soul, Nahir has access to different sets of techniques.

When channeling Ko
Commune with the Dead, Calm Mind
When channeling Ahku
Magnify Voice
When channeling Sahu
Manipulate Sand, Call Wind
When channeling Sekhem
Slow Bleeding
When channeling Khaibit
Enhance Focus


Distrustful. Calculating. Seemingly awed by all he sees.

Biography & Lore

This story’s just beginning.


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