Marius Alva Demicus

Marius Alva Demicus

Biographical information
Vel Anir but raised in Alliria 46 Elbion
Physical description
Half-human and half-elf Male 5'11 165 lbs Short cut, grey and white Blue Pale
Political information
College of Elbion Scholar
Out-of-character information
GreekGod 10/01/19


Marius has a wise face and sea blue eyes that show signs of an intelligent person behind them. His grey and white hair gives him an even older look, although he very much has the physique of someone more youthful. He is mainly found wearing comfortable blue robes and a tan half cape over his shoulder. He carries a backpack which contains many of his notes and most important books, as well as some food. He also carries a small sword on his hip.

Skills and Abilities

Mightier than the Sword
Marius is well educated and is well versed in many scientific matters. He is highly literate and has no problems with reading and writing in several languages.
Still Pretty Mighty
Marius has an average skill with his sword and has used it to fend off the odd bandit or wolf during his travels. While he is no match for anyone with a high level of skill, Marius isn't exactly clumsy with his blade work.


Marius is pretty much what you'd expect from a scholar, he is sometimes formal and can easily neglect people if he finds himself caught up in an academic matter. That being said he still is a kind man and good with people, as he saw his parents deal with the public a lot growing up. If you have his focus, he will usually know exactly what to say to make the conversation enjoyable, the problem is just getting his attention.

Biography & Lore

Born to an elven mother and human father in Vel Anir, his parents left the city and moved to his father's hometown of Alliria when Marius was 4. His parents began trading with ships, organizing journeys and selling supplies to the crews. Marius became interested in academics when he was around 10, after his father's close friend, who was a ships captain, began gifting Marius with books and trinkets from other cultures. This led Marius to enroll in the College of Elbion at age 16. Originally, Marius wanted to learn the magical arts but found he was quite unable to do so in any capacity. So he graduated as a scholar and began doing research for the College. He spends most of his days in the college library and travels frequently in search of artifacts of an ancient and extinct religion thought to have disappeared around 70-100 years ago.


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