Lorraina "Rainie" Night

Lorraina "Rainie" Night

Biographical information
Alliria 22 Wanderer
Physical description
Human Female 167 cm 61 kg Long, Auburn/Red Lavender Very pale
Political information
Previously: Thieves Guild Bard
Out-of-character information
Foxy "Sister of the Night" by Selene Regener

"I long to do wild, passionate things."
--Katherine Mansfield, The Collected Stories

Rainie is a skilled archer and a previous member of the Thieves Guild. She is also a talented Bard, and entertains everywhere she goes. Her music is imbued with innate magic, able to inspire, heal, and even slightly manipulate those who hear it. She's completely unaware of this ability. She has served many nobles as a spy, and thrives on using secrets and blackmail to get her way.


Lorraina “Rainie” Night grew up in an upper middle class family in the great city of Alliria. She had a brother, Aydrian, three years younger than her. In the Areck Slums, the two of them were born to human merchants in the business of selling handcrafted clothing, especially hats and shoes. Their parents were fairly successful in their trade, and raised their children with the best education they could afford. As the eldest, Rainie left the family home to seek her fortune. Normally, she would stay behind and take over the family business. But she knew she couldn’t sell flowery hats and pretty bowed shoes for the rest of her life.

Rainie soon fell into a role she did not expect. Part of her upbringing had been education in music, singing and dancing, and history. She also had a voracious love of books and stories, and had an active imagination allowing her to come up with her own. As she traveled, she began making more and more friends, more and more connections. Soon she found herself performing and entertaining royal courts with her songs and her stories, and benefiting greatly. She also entered the trade of secrets and lies. Unknowingly, she’d become a bit of a Bard.

One time, a few years ago, she got too close and lost everything. She was kicked out of her circle, lost all influence in her court, and had no friends to help her. She had to start from scratch. It would take a long time to build up a circle again, to make a new reputation. She moved town and struggled to get back on her feet. She eventually found herself friendless and penniless. So is the life of a bard with no friends.

One day, she ended up stopping her own mugger, then pickpocketed him as she let him go. She later was dragged off the bench she was sleeping on, bound and gagged, and ended up a captive of the Thieves Guild. They put her to work there, and then started sending her on more and more jobs. Burglaries, heists, shills, etc. She was a natural, and upped the ante with her experience in the secrets trade. She had a new circle, and new friends, whether they knew it or not. They got her back on her feet, albeit unknowingly. She left the town eventually, still playing ally, and went on new adventures.

Once she was back on her feet, she sent back word to her family, who likely didn’t know if she was even alive. She received a letter saying her mother had fallen ill and her brother had joined the King’s army several seasons ago, and hadn’t been heard from since. Rainie now desperately tries to save her ailing mother, searching high and low for a skilled enough doctor, alchemist or healer. She also searches for her brother, who’s squadron lost contact with the main force and was now missing.


Rainie is tall and curvy, and very attractive. She readily uses this to her advantage, when getting away with crimes and getting out of confrontations. Her hair is waist long, dark red, and loosely curled. Her skin is very pale, as she avoids sunlight to avoid freckles. Her eyes are a strange purplish color. This is due to the lack of pigment (melanin) in her irises. Her eyes would be blue, if there were more pigment. This creates a light lavender, as blood cells behind the iris show through, combining with the blue.

She does not have any tattoos or markings at the moment. She is missing a chip out of her right earlobe, thanks to the Thieves Guild which she was once part of.

Her wardrobe cycles frequently, as she is constantly buying new things and selling old ones. She dresses for practicality above all else. She tends to wear sturdy leggings under skirts or half skirts, and it is not unusual for her to wear a camise and bodice that shows a little skin. She has a pair of enchanted shoes that muffle all movement, and sturdier boots that she uses for day to day. She is rarely seen without her leather arm brace and chest guard for her archery. Her knapsack, which she lives out of, has distinctive embroidery. She carries her bow and quiver with her everywhere she goes.


Blood Type: B
Zod*iac: Aries
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Rainie is very outgoing and friendly. She adores dogs over any other animal. She is most comfortable when she is the center of attention. She has a love of people and stories, as well as danger and mystery. She often makes rash decisions without thinking things completely through. She craves new experiences, the more wild the better, and often neglects her responsibilities. She’s a good judge of character, and can sense what people want from her. She uses this to her advantage. When in doubt, she goes with her gut feeling.

She tends to hide negative emotions, if she even lets herself feel them in the first place. She can be very anxious at times, and can get quite down every once in a while. During these times, she tends to drink to forget those feelings. She has a habit of putting up a good front, or a brave face, and doesn't enjoy being vulnerable.

With friends, she casually flirts and acts rather childish, but can be serious. With people she dislikes, she is very meretricious. She prefers to avoid conflict and often talks herself out of situations with great skill. She plays to her strengths when fighting her enemies, which are stealth and distance assassinations. She is also very opportunistic, and relies heavily on luck.

  • Good liquor, better company
  • Stimulating conversation
  • Adventuring
  • Sweets
  • Dogs

  • Hot weather
  • Wasting time
  • Feeling stuck
  • Roast pork
  • Being told what to do

  • Archery
  • Storytelling
  • Charisma
  • Stealth
  • Pickpocketing
  • Innate support magic

  • Close combat
  • Commitment
  • Direct confrontation
  • Familial attachments
  • Flighty personality


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