Keiran MacArthur

Kieran MacArthur

Biographical information
Edenham, Vel Anir Twenty-nine years ago MacArthur Estate in Vel Anir, the MacArthur governed lands Edenham
Physical description
Human Male Tall Thin Light Brown Green Fair
Political information
House Banick, Clans of Edenham Lord The MacArthur Clan Military & Lordship
Out-of-character information
Huckebein Artwork from Kingdom Come: Deliverance



Keiran MacArthur could best be described as a man with a lean build and stern eyes. Even as a youth, his green eyes were known to carry a steely quality to them often making him appear more serious then he often was. Like many of his Highland kin, Keiran is of a fair complexion, has light brown hair, and has green eyes. His features are sharp and like most descendants of the MacArthur clan his jaw line is rather significant. Though most Highlanders tend to grow a thick beard, Keiran keeps his short and tidy.

Keiran is most often seen wearing chain mail and the MacArthur Surcoat, though when able, he is no stranger to donning a traditional Highland kilt as it is far more comfortable then pants, or so he likes to joke. When called for however, he will wear heavier armor, donning the appearance of a more traditional knight.

Skills and Abilities

From nearly the days of his first steps, Keiran has had a sword in his hand and a fiery spirit. As the heir to the MacArthur Clan, he has been trained aggressively in the use of man different fighting forms. Keiran is just as comfortable using a hammer, bow, or pole-arm, as he is using a sword in fact.

Keiran isn't only adept at bearing arms either, as his time spent beside his father has taught him the proper way to lead men into battle. He is skilled at reading maps and grasping an understanding of the land around him. Though he is by no means a brilliant tactician, he can definitely hold his own while plotting larger scale combat.

Aside from fighting, he is adept at hunting and fishing, often choosing these two activities to pass the time when ale is not available. He often jokes that he is a learned man, as his father made it clear that only a fool does not thirst for knowledge. To that effect, Kerian has done a great deal of reading in his time, and though he has not traveled the land like others, he knows enough to carry a conversation and adopt what he has learn into practical use. Though he is not boastful of this, he can carry a tune, at least by Highland standards.


Keiran looks more serious then he actually is, as he spends as much time laughing as he does looking serious. Despite his normal scowl, there is a devilish grin that usually follows. He is a daring and bold man when the moment calls for him to be and knows when to fall silent when that is the wiser course.

Keiran's loyalty is to his people and those who choose to stand beside him as opposed to empty ideals and banners of men he has never met. This way of thinking was cultivated after being forced to separate from his family thanks to politics of Vel Anir nobility. Though himself a lesser noble, he often enjoys the company of normal folk, as he finds them to be more genuine. As such, he tends to find himself open to other races, as his people are from the hills and not Vel Anir itself and have faced their own prejudice.

Biography & Lore

The son of William and Meredith MacArthur, Keiran is the sole heir of the MacArhur Clain. Anointed the Lord of the Highland Clans, the MacArthur's hail from Edenham, a small hamlet built upon one of the mountainous hills outside of Vel Anir. After years of warring with one another, the Highland Clans, adequately named after the high lands they inhabited, came under one banner in attempt to fend of the advance of the Vel Anir military. Highland Clans failed to stop the Vel Anir army however and the land was subjugated and it's people adsorbed into the growing kingdom.

As the 10th head of the MacArthur clan, William served at the behest of House Benick. As such, Keiran spent a large part of his childhood in the MacArthur estate in Vel Anir, along side the other noble houses. It was these early years where Keiran was made to know that he was a country bumpkin. That does not go to say that all the noble houses were snobbish towards the MacArthurs as they had just as many friends as they did enemies. That said, when navigating the treacherous waters of Vel Anir politics, one should tread softly. Keiran learned this the hard way when a friendly wager and spar with a nobleman during a celebration ended in bloodshed. Though not a mortal wound, the nobleman was indeed hurt which would prove to be Keiran's largest folly that night. The nobleman wanted to claim Keiran's life and demanded as such. However, the Banick's stepped in to mediate and determined that Keiran would regain his family's honor by serving in garrison the handled attacks from nomadic tribes in surrounding area. In addition, heavy fines were imposed upon the MacArthurs and with the loss of their heir, a noble of Banick relation was sent to Edenham to help govern the land.

Keiran would spend the next four years, serving in the garrison and honing the skills his father imparted to him while clashing against the nomadic tribes. As time and hardships pressed on, Keiran tried his best not to become bitter, choosing to serve out his time there with dignity and taking it for the lesson it was. He was set to spend his 5th and final year stationed upon the garrison when he received word his father had taken ill. Allowed to return home, Keiran had just enough time to mourn the passing on his father when he was told he would not be made the next lord of the MacArthur clan, at least not yet. Instead he would be forced to carry out his last year of his sentence in service of the Banick's. Begrudgingly, in order to insure his clan name carries on, Keiran has accept the terms and now acts as their agent in certain matters until he claim what is rightfully his.


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