Warlord: Ka'Gi

Biographical information
The Forbidden City 2 The Hive
Physical description
Cast Male 10'5'' 1 ton N/A Reptilian Gold Earth Tone
Political information
The Sovereign Swarm, The Swarm of Harvest Warlord
Out-of-character information
Haloshooter 05/01/2020


Ka'Gi is a hulking beast. He has two huge clawed grasper limbs that he uses both to attack and sometimes to walk. He has a second set of smaller arms that end in scythe claws, used for slaughtering creatures that get inside his defenses. He has powerful back legs for sprinting quickly. His mouth is full of rending teeth reinforced by a powerful jaw and strong mandibles.

His thick body is powerful and his armored chitin thicker than any known armor, aside from his armor his thick hide can turn away most non-magical weapons.

Abilities, Traits & Weaknesses

The Hivemind: The Cast can communicate telepathically with each other and even see through each others senses. The driving force behind the swarm is called a Nexus (i.e king, queen, hierarch, etc...), a single entity that provides direction and purpose to the swarm and guides them through this telepathic communications array.

Assimilation: By consuming the flesh of a creature or consuming genetic material into their system their body will assimilate beneficial genetic codes from the material and add that trait to themselves. (Example: A cast consumes the meat of a Basilisk. The genetic essence is assimilated into the cast creature and they gain the ability to turn other creatures to stone on eye contact, or resist the effects of being turned to stone themselves, but rarely both.)

Passive Adaptation: They have the ability to not only survive but to thrive in any environment that they are exposed to.
They can adapt to their environment over a course of a few hours, allowing their bodies to respond and adjust to the stimulation.

Example: When in the frozen Tundra they might grow insulation or a coat of fur. Or if they are in higher elevations they might adapt bigger lungs. Or if they are underwater they might evolve amphibious gills, fins and webbed appendages to allow them to thrive.

Psionic Counter: Every creature in the swarm is connected, they have one mind. Through this connection it is possible for it to also be a vulnerability.

Passive Adaptation: If the environment changes quickly enough the Weird will not be able to adapt in time before they die. If they can survive, they likely won't be vulnerable to such a change again.

Achilles Heel: Due to the nature of natural armor it is possible to find a weak point in his shell.


Ka'Gi is dogmatically loyal to the Swarm Queen. He follows her will without question and carries out her orders. Otherwise he's incurably warlike, he respects strength and intelligence on the battlefield but doesn't believe in honor in war. He's the privateer arm of the Swarm, raiding villages and slaughtering their inhabitants to the women and children, taking their strength for the swarm.

Biography & Lore

Ka'Gi is only two years old, but he reached full maturity in five days. He came out of the birthing pond beneath the ruins of the forbidden city, he was but a larva, but as he fed and grew he became strong. Immediately when he could walk he was hunting the monsters of the underground caves of the ancient ruins.

By the time the Queen called to him he was fully grown and a powerful warlord. His brain mass was increased to be greater than that of the drones, allowing him the intelligence to learn, think, and lead. She put him in charge of the Swarm of Harvest and tasked him with bringing resources and material for the swarm, to help them all grown strong.

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