1. Ichika

    Private Tales Farmer’s Only

    The first time she had to do this Ichika was only thirteen. To aid a far away village who were struggling due to a severe famine. She’d cried for a week, begging her mother not to send her, and she kept crying as they mounted her atop a midnight colored Pegasus. A female member of the royal...
  2. Teshara Elvin Cardinal

    Roleplay OOC Marrowa Village

    A simple village with a simple community and great aspirations. Far enough away from Elbion to be secluded, close enough to have sufficient traffic and protection of merchants, adventurers and travelers passing through. This village is a strong farming community ranging from animal products to...
  3. Teshara Elvin Cardinal

  4. Ka'Gi

  5. Swarm of Harvest