Elijah Stallard

Biographical information
Dornoch, The Erdeniin Dynasty 43 Dornoch
Physical description
Human Male 6ft 3 It's muscle! long, brown Icy blue Olive
Political information
Queens Guard
Out-of-character information

"A Report on Elijah Stallard of Her Majesty's Royal Guard.

An interesting position to be held by a man in our fair Queendom, but Elijah has proved himself to be worthy of the Pegasi Unit. I highly recommend him for the promotion to Captain for his devotion to Her Majesty and Her Royal Family. Elijah has repeatedly seen battle from a young age and had proven himself to keep his head under even the most stressful of circumstances.

I have had the pleasure - no, the honour - to serve with Elijah myself. It was he who pulled me from under my own mounts corpse at the Battle of Amgaddon and delivered the remaining Pegasi troop back home safely.

For a man, Elijah shows marked restraint and wisdom and I believe he would suit a Captains uniform well."

- General Iyesha Ilvemore


Elijah is an imposing figure of a man, especially considering the majority of his unit are lithe women. With long hair which he wears back often in a half braid, with the rest of it loose. His jaw is coated with a growing beard which he keeps neat. The dark hair serves to only highlight his glacial blue eyes which are bright and sharp. Combined with his height and broad statue he can look quite intimidating, especially given he tends to wear a scowl more often than a smile.

In terms of attire, Eli can be found in the customary armour of the Royal Guard which he wears proudly. Even when not on duty he tends to wear the crest somewhere on his person. He also wears a simple ring upon his right ring finger in memory of the dead love of his life who perished on the battlefield before they could be wed.

Skills and Abilities

Seasoned Warrior: Elijah has all the skills of a seasoned warrior. He is well versed in numerous different weapons and has a keen strategist mindset.

Moment of Truth: Elijah's vambraces are imbued with magic which through careful study he had learnt how to operate. From them come golden threads of energy - those he has allowed to examine them have all come up with different opinions on what exactly the substance is made up of, light, energy itself, fire. Nobody knows for certain. What is known is that they are incredibly painful to the person who is slashed with them or bound with them. When caught in their trap they are also forced to speak the truth or suffer paralysing pain until they do.


Elijah is quiet and reserved, saving judgement until it has to be passed. He has a sharp mind which many don't give him credit for given his size, thinking him often to be just a brute force of nature. He studies several languages and has a keen interest in a myriad of different topics. He can be surprisingly gentle and affectionate, especially to his Pegasus, Gypsy. He often gets teased by his comrades for being off in his own mind most of the time and he is good natured enough to take their joking without much hurt being taken.

Biography & Lore

Elijah came from humble beginnings in the subburbs of Dornoch. His mother was a Matron in the Healing House and his father was a shoemaker. Despite this they earnt enough to put food on the table for their five children. Being the second eldest son, Elijah when old enough got jobs on the docks or in the market as a general helper. One of his jobs one day was to help one of the soldiers in the palace with creating new training gear.

When he had completed the works he took up a spare piece of wood and began practising a few moves in the way of most teenagers. The soldier who had hired him returned to see him shatter one of the wooden targets and asked him to join her the next day for try outs. Eli passed with flying colours and whilst he was happy about the new career move he was more excited about working with the beautiful soldier who had recruited him.

Her name was Samantha and she was his commanding officer during basic training. Despite being a few years older than him, Elijah pursued her with stubborn, calm determination and the two soon fell madly in love with one another.

Elijah steadily climbed the ranks in a female dominated army and followed his love into the Royal Guard, becoming the first ever male member of the Royal Guard.

Eli faced many battles during his time within the Royal Guard and on one such occasion he lost his fiancée.

Samantha's death took its toll on Elijah and he sunk into a depressive state. His bravery was rewarded with the gift of one of the Pegasi from the Royal Stables but it felt sour at the loss of Sam. Eventually he was able to build up enough energy to go and meet his new steed; Gypsy. Gypsy became a lifeline for Eli and the two formed a strong and fast bond which is evident today. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and risen to Captain of the Royal Guard with his own battalion to command.


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