Adonis Thedas


Adonis Thedas

Biographical information
Vel Anir 26 Alliria
Physical description
Human Male 6'2" (1.88m) 195 lbs (88.5kg) Brown Hazel Light Brown, Caramel
Political information
Independent Merchant, Sell-sword
Out-of-character information


On most accounts, Adonis is considered attractive. His build is generous, something he accrued over his time spent in the Anirian Guard. While his muscles may not be as rippling as those of the Nords, they are extremely refined and show through the flesh. He has a scar that runs from his left pectoral down to his abdomen, a memento from his former "Brothers in Arms". Curls spring forth from atop Adonis's head, though only two come to rest upon his forehead.

Adonis dresses for the day he has ahead of him. When he is busy being a merchant, he is usually dressed in fine linen garb. The apparel is used to exude the wealth he has garnered in order to bring in more and finer clientele. Jewelry is also sported on his person, in the fashion of pendants hung from his neck and rings hugging his long fingers. He does however keep his family heirloom, the Will of Thedas, fashioned around his hip.

When his services are requested for more than just merchant work however, Adonis is more sensible of his appearance. He usually wears a white cloth shirt underneath a small, metal breastplate connected to a leather abdomen belt that is fashioned by a leather harness. During colder temperatures, he wears a thick, leather jacket over this. His pants are also made of a thick leather, protected behind metal greaves and tucked into black boots. The Will of Thedas is instead fashioned around his shoulder, for quicker responses.

Skills and Abilities

Striker- Through years of training and first-hand experience, Adonis has become proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
Duelist- While Adonis can settle down small crowds of thugs and the like with his blade, he excels in one-on-one swordplay. He does, however, struggle against well experienced spear users since his blade can only go so far.
The Gift of Gab- You can't become a wealthy merchant off looks alone. Adonis can talk his way out (or in if needed) of almost any situation.
The Will of Thedas- The Will of Thedas is a sword that has been passed down to the son of a Thedas for generations. There's many rumors on how the sword came to be, but not even the Thedas family knew of its exact origin. Upon first appearance, it looks like any other sword might, with its blue hilt and two and a half foot (76.2cm) blade. Only a Thedas who has taken the Sworn Oath and undergone the Rite of Lineage can truly use the sword as it was intended. Once a proper wielder of sword touches the blade and says the world "Accal", the metal shines a bright, blue color and vibrates to a hum, almost as if it's waking from a slumber. The cost of using the weapon as such is high, however.


Growing up in a household of great stature in Vel Anir, Adonis learned that there was more than just a fighting nature to politics, even for his warmongering home. There was a way of dealing with the poor so they wouldn't rebel just as there was a way of dealing with the wealthy so they didn't attack needlessly. Sure a rebellion or revolution could be crushed with brute force, but that won't kill the desire to do so again. Learning this, Adonis became a person who was known to rally men and women under his stead, instead of berating and belittling. He seems to exude an aura that attracts people around him, it's part of the reason he's a successful merchant. He welcomes new friends/clientele, but keeps most at a distance for particular reasons.

As kind as he may be, Adonis still has the mercilessness of an Anirian Guard. Everyone has their tipping point and that includes him. Once beleaguered by anger, he becomes very difficult to "settle". Most of his morals go out the window, along with his sense of reasoning.

Biography & Lore

The Thedas Household. Though it was not so great as to rival the Seven Houses, the name held power and fame in the city. House Thedas began with Kline and Heron Thedas. The two brothers carved a path to valor and fame in the wars of old and were rewarded with a title and family crest. As the two brothers' families branched out, dissent grew. There were constant arguments and rivalries over which side controlled the assets of the family estate. This rivalry eventually turned violent when Kline's son Madic poisoned him and used the Will of Thedas to slay his uncle, Heron. Classic Vel Anir style. With both heads of the opposing families gone or sickly and no one to stop Madic, the two families became one under the Thedas name. Those that chose to rebuke Madic left to start their own House, which they eventually did becoming House Arron.

Generations passed until Roran Thedas became head of the house. His wife, Amelia, gave birth to the twins Adonis and Ceriyah. The two were raised in a house where the military was the only way, for men and women. Years later as the two were preparing to head into the Anirian Guard as their forefathers had done, Ceriyah ran away to Alliria with a merchant she had fallen in love with, leaving the responsibility of the Thedas name with Adonis. After faithfully serving four years in the Anirian Guard, Adonis had received a frightful letter from his mother stating that his father had been taken into custody for treason by House Pirian of the Seven Houses. Confused and angered by the letter, Adonis went back to the estate, only to find that his mother was being thrown out of the estate by armed guards. As his mother saw him approach she rushed into his arms and wailed to the heavens. She told him of how House Pirian had seized his family estate, throwing his family onto the streets. When Adonis and his mother requested an audience with House Pirian, it was revealed that House Arron had accused his father of treason against the crown, with incriminating evidence as well. Honor bound by Anirian law, there was little he could due for the matter. It was already too late.

The day before his father's execution, Adonis and his mother were able to visit him. It was then that Adonis took the Sworn Oath and wished his father well in the afterlife. The day after, he was called to Vel Aerelos to receive the Will of Thedas, but nothing else. His family's fortune had gone with the estate to House Arron. Adonis and his mother stayed that night in a shady tavern, the only place they could afford to stay at. It was in the dark hours of the night when eight cloaked men entered the tavern to take the lives of the last Thedas. After what felt like hours of metal ripping through flesh and tendons, Adonis held his dying mother in his arms, his own blood leaking from a slash to his chest and staining her shredded clothes. He lulled her to a final slumber, thereafter a night of sorrow commenced. Once he had finished his weeping, Adonis checked the bodies to find that they were in fact soldiers of the guard. After closer inspection, he found a note on one of the bodies. It was a note telling the guardsmen that there would be a reward for them if they brought the heads of Adonis and Amelia as well the Will of Thedas. The letter was anonymous save for the letter "A" that signed the parchment. Knowing that he would be accused of the murder of the guardsmen and his mother, Adonis left for Alliria in search of his sister.

When he had first arrived at Alliria he had no way of searching for his sister. Fortunately for him, however, his sister and her husband had made quite a name for themselves among the trading world. After he finally tracked her down and had a joyful, albeit brief reunion he told her everything that had happened. Worried of what might become of her brother, Ceriyah eventually got her husband to agree to taking Adonis under his wing. Fearing he would lose his touch if he stayed out of practice, Adonis also became a mercenary for anyone who had enough coin to spare. Whether it was joining a small group to strike down a raider party or simply protecting cargo for his business partners, Adonis completed the task. Years passed as Adonis settled into the life of a merchant and sword-for-hire. His charisma garnered more clients for his brother-in-law's business. He had made himself into such an asset that he was eventually given a share of the trading company.

His hatred had not been quelled though.

To this day, Adonis swears he will find someone to enact the Rite of Lineage upon him so he can return to Vel Anir and give House Arron the Will of Thedas they wanted so badly.


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