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"Come on, Aer. Little bitches get eaten by the witches."

"So, what? I am comfortable right here."

"Aer," A young man came to clap a hand at the back of his friend's shoulder, grinning down at the seated male, "mate, my boy. It is just a party. We are allowed to live a little."

Aerium skewed his face into doubt, shaking his head not long after. "Last time you took me to a party, we all got dragged in and the General..."

"Ripped right into us. I am still healing, I swear." Zero grimaced for only a second before that idiotic smile was back. "But may as well drink to reopened wounds!" And he attempted to pull Aerium by the arm to get up from the bench and walk down the street, hearty cheers and an unmistakably well tuned fiddle being played. They were all his friends, Inquisition recruits or just citizens, but Aerium pulled himself free two doors before the open and inviting one.

"Let me enjoy being outdoors for a little longer. Right? And save me an ale!" He was glad that Zero left him be, because yeah, Aerium always found his way inside.

But he did want to stay out in the night for a moment, in case they were busted again, but also because he had been spending time in his mother's roster. Interrogations were for stomachs of steel, and after his third day, which only concluded two hours prior, he knew it wasn't for him.
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Saffia stood in the shadow of a nearby alcove, her eyes glimmering with curiosity as she watched the exchange between friends. The streets of Rhagos were alive with whispers and rumours of late, especially concerning those like her, belonging to the gypsy community. Gypsies like herself were often viewed with suspicion and contempt by the city's inhabitants, unjustly accused of crimes they did not commit. 'Thieves and Witches', they'd been forced into the shadows, forced into living in hiding, where the stars couldn't be seen and where no music played.

Despite the shadows of suspicion that clouded their existence, Saffia couldn't help but be drawn to the vibrant energy of the city nightlife, to the music that filled the air like a spell, and she refused to let fear dictate her actions. They were supposed to be free people, they were supposed to see the stars at night and dance to the music that had run so deeply in their blood. Fuck them. She had done nothing wrong.

Her friends had moved on, swept away by the promise of revelry, but Saffia lingered, entranced by the melody of the fiddle and the distant laughter echoing through the alleyways. With a soft smile, she moved further into the alcove, letting the music wash over her like a gentle tide, allowing it to move her. She danced, like she was supposed to, barefoot and carefree with a quiet laugh on her lips.
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Aerium sighed and drifted towards the open doorway, light spilling in warm hues onto the street as the swell of music and cheer filtered out to greet him. He stood in that light and looked in, smiling to colleagues that egged him on to come in.

And so he turned away, and eyes fell upon a young woman softly dancing to the fiddled tune.

He was not one for dancing, finding himself too self conscious how awkward he would be, but quietly... he witnessed her dance.

And rewarded him with a soft peal of laughter.

He ought to say something, to not appear as if he was staring.

"Could find a few guys in there that will dance with you." He offered. "Or girls." He shrugged. "But I bet you good coin none of them move like you do."

Aerium chuckled, leaning a shoulder against the stone building.
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Saffia's response was gentle, her voice carrying a playful lilt as she addressed the man before her. "Are you laughing at me, Ser?" she asked, her words accompanied by a soft, melodious laugh that seemed to dance along with the music in the air.

Her attire spoke volumes of her heritage, the fabric of her dress adorned with vibrant colors and intricate patterns that whispered of distant lands and nomadic journeys. The bodice hugged her slender frame, embellished with delicate embroidery that shimmered in the dim light of the streetlamp. Layers of skirts swirled around her as she moved, each step accompanied by the soft rustle of fabric and the gentle jangling of bangles and anklets that adorned her wrists and ankles.

Despite the prejudice that lingered in the city's streets, Saffia made no attempt to conceal her identity as a gypsy. She wore her heritage with pride, refusing to be bound by the chains of society's judgment. And as she stepped out, now bathed in the glow of the streetlamp, she was a vision of defiance and grace as she smiled at the stranger.

He was a handsome one. Boldly, she extended her hand towards him, inviting him to join her in the dance that unfolded beneath the starlit sky. "And what about guys out here?" she said, her voice warm and inviting, "I'm not after any coin. Just the dance.." she smirked.
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When she came to a still, Aerium's breath caught in his lungs. That momentary loss of breath allowed him to stare, and he was no subtle charmer like that, that he stupidly watched as her hand invited him to join her. Shit.

She was of a different class, not in terms of wealth, but a richness of culture and colour, that he longed to be free like her.

"No, I am not laughing at you... but you will be laughing at me once I start dancing." He grinned, stepping towards her and taking her hand. Aerium never thought to dance or learn to, not when all the girls wanted to be his big brother's dance partner, which left him to sit on the sidelines and point fun with his mates. Zero would be making fun of him now if he saw what he was doing.

"You're going to hate this. I am a stick with no flex or rhythm." He warned, a shy smile breaking out. How could he refuse her?
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Her smile brightened as he looked at her the way he did and she curled a dark, wavy tress of hair behind her ear.

"Try me." she challenged, and with a playful grin, she clasped his hand firmly, pulling him closer with a gentle tug. Her eyes rolled in amusement at his excuses and she laughed under her breath. "Nonsense," she declared, her voice brimming with confidence. "Sometimes you gadjes just don't know how to listen." she grinned as she lifted his hand up to twirl herself under.

"The music will move you if you let it, your body knows how, just your mind gets in the way." she smirked, her gaze sparkling with joy and excitement.

The music wrapped around her like a comforting embrace as it always had, its rhythm pulsing through her veins as she moved in perfect harmony with its cadence. Her movements were fluid and effortless, her body swaying to the melody with a natural grace. Laughter bubbled forth like a spring, infectious and full of life, as she twirled and spun with a sense of abandon that spoke of pure bliss.
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"How am I to hear this music if you don't quit talking?" He teased, finding it rather easy to do. She wasn't the kind of lady that sought something out from him, just this dance, but Aerium knew she was different the moment he danced alone.

Should it concern him that she captivated him so quickly? That her unique colours and playful tone drew him in with success? So, yeah, he was going to flirt with her, when she was so easy to get along with thus far.

He watched as she twirled under his arm, and then after a moment, he began to remember where one lad would place his hands on a dancing partner. He began to lead her in what could only be described as a gentle sway, staying like that for a moment before chuckling.

"Alright, what is the music telling you?"
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Saffia's easy smile widened at the stranger's teasing, a playful glint dancing in her eyes as she gently hushed him with a finger to her lips. "You'll just have to listen harder then, won't you?" she quietly quipped.

As Aerium began to lead her in a gentle sway, Saffia followed his lead with a natural grace, her body moving effortlessly to the rhythm of the music. She guided him with a gentle touch, her hands resting lightly on his shoulders as they moved together in perfect harmony.

His question hung in the air for a moment, prompting Saffia to close her eyes for a moment as she listened to the music's melody with an attentive ear. "It's telling me a story.." she replied, her voice soft yet filled with a sense of wonder. "A story of the freedom to dream. Of love and longing, and of secrets and forgotten tales carried away on the summer breeze.." she grinned. Her people loved stories, and they told them in far more than just words. Those sorts of stories were always her favourite.

As she spoke, Saffia's movements seemed to sync even more with the music, as if she were a part of its very essence.

"It's saying..." she began, her voice barely above a whisper as she rose onto her tiptoes and leaned in closer to Aerium, her breath spilling against his ear.. "Surrender.." she laughed softly, and with a warm smile, Saffia opened her eyes and pressed a hand to Aerium's chest, feeling the steady rhythm of his heartbeat beneath her hand. Her fingertips drummed gently along with his pulse..

"There it is.." she said in a hushed voice, moving to the beat of it. "Can you feel it now?"
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Just as she had closed her eyes, Aerium brought her in closer, listening to her translate melody to words that painted the picture in his mind. Gods, she was intoxicating, and all they have done is smile and dance. Love and longing, something he thought he would begin to experience for her when she so easily drew him in.

He could not help the shudder that overtook his body, her lips drawing a warm breath against his ear as she whispered.


Aerium's heart was racing now. He's kissed many girls before, some taking the initial leap, but he never complained.

But he never wanted to so badly take another's lips in his own until this temptress taught him to listen to music. His lips parted, breathing heavily and their eyes connected.

"Oh... I feel it..." And the only way he could help himself was to lift her up higher, pressing her against him as he listened to the music playing, his eyes meeting hers as he let the music move his body the way she told him to hear it. They moved towards the shadows, so that he was free to move without worrying of what he looked like attempting to dance... but her eyes were on his, not his movement. "I feel as if I should..." He chuckled softly, shaking his head.
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As her handsome stranger drew her in closer, Saffia felt a rush of warmth banishing the chill of the night air that had previously gone unnoticed. In his embrace, she found herself suspended between caution and desire, torn between the warnings of her people and the allure of the moment.

Her upbringing among the gypsy folk had instilled in her a sense of caution towards the city dwellers, a wariness born from generations of mistrust and prejudice. But Saffia's spirit was untamed and boundless, refusing to be confined by the limitations of tradition and fear. She believed in the inherent beauty of humanity, in the capacity for kindness and connection that transcended boundaries.

Lost in the rhythm of the music, Saffia had not sought out this moment, had not anticipated the electric tension that crackled between them. Yet, as Aerium's gaze bore into hers with an intensity that mirrored her own, she couldn't deny the thrill of anticipation that pulsed through her veins.

The prospect of being swept into the arms of a stranger and kissed beneath the starlight stirred something deep within Saffia's soul, igniting a longing she had long kept hidden. She had always been a hopeless romantic, a dreamer who believed in the most beautiful of dreams.

She could feel the magnetic pull of desire, the unspoken invitation hanging heavy in the air between them. Though the voice of caution whispered in the recesses of her mind, she knew that some risks were worth taking, some moments worth savouring, even if only for a fleeting instant.

"If you feel like you should..." she whispered."Then you definitely should.." she quirked a brow, her gaze dropping to his lips and back to his eyes, her smile a silent dare.
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Aerium chuckled, dipping his head enough to rest their foreheads against one another. "Oh, I will." He slowed his dancing, or swaying, whatever current he had caught in the river of melodies seeping out to the night. "I just want to savour this before hand."

He was no romantic. Rubbish at asking a girl to court, but was glad they had enough confidence to broach the questions with him.

This girl ensnared him. As if he were some predator wolf on the hunt, spying the prized prey.

"Gods. You're so sweet." That smile of hers, it rendered him useless to the spell being woven.

Aerium leaned her against the wall, pressed her to the shadows before brushing his lips against hers. And, gods, saints, anything holy and great, they were the softest feeling his lips had ever touched. This girl... was a grace upon him. He took her lips with a kiss, soft and slow, hesitant but taking his time. He was in no rush to attend the party, not in a rush to head home like he planned on doing.

He had found this pocket of sweetness, this feeling that struck him.

It was all very innocent, for all he wished to do was kiss this beauty then spend the night learning her name. Perhaps even her story. He was captivated.

"Aer! Fucking hell. I bet you the little bitch ran home."

Aerium paused, lips just touching her own as he listened.

"Well, can't blame him when his mother is the General." Came a female voice. He recognised it, even more glad to be hidden in the pit of shadows, untouched by the light his friend Zero stood in.

After a minute, they had left, and Aerium stole another kiss. "Fancy a walk?"
The sound of his soft laughter sent a thrill scuttling down her spine, and she flashed him a bright smile as he branded her 'sweet'. These gadjes had many names for her kind, but never to her knowledge had they ever been called sweet.

She was stilled by the cool wall, her breath catching before she felt his lips on hers and warmth flooded back into her, flushing her cheeks and sending her blood molten. Her toes curled against the flagstone, gripping the ground as though he might decide to let go and she might simply float away, weightless with the heady excitement of such scandal of kissing a man who's name she did not know.

Doubtless, it was the most beautiful and ridiculously romantic kiss she had had in her life. One she would write a song about, that she could dance to for the rest of her days. She let out a soft chuckle against his lips and let her arms snake around his neck, further anchoring herself to something solid and real - whoever he was.

Aer.. Yes, air, she should breathe.

He paused and her grin spread, grazing her lips against his as she waited impatiently for the disruption to pass. Her smile faltered slightly as she heard the female voice however, at the mention of the General. Oh, shit.

Before she could say anything he kissed her again, and she laughed, her teeth capturing her lower lip as she considered her answer to his question. Did she? Yes. Was that a good idea? No, no it wasn't.

As if on cue, the music they'd been dancing to ended, and Saffia glanced passed him, her hands slipping to settle on his chest. "A rebel after my own heart.." she commented. His mother was.. terrible, but if he was anything at all like her he wouldn't be caught dead talking to her, let alone this.

"I very much doubt that your mother would approve of that. Wouldn't want you getting into any trouble for associating with my sort." she said with a half smirk, her tone light, but there was an edge of disappointment to it. They both knew it would be far more trouble for her than it would for him.

"Thank you for the dance.." she laughed and tiptoed again to press a kiss against his cheek before stepping away from the wall to leave.
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Aerium could not bear to part from her, even as her lips blessed his cheek and she began to slip away from between him and the wall. His hand caught her own, puling her back to him.

"My mother holds no agency over who I wish to keep company with. Besides... I like you." He smiled. Now, his hand released her own, trusting this lovely spirit to remain here with him. "Even if this is the last night we have of knowing each other, then I wish to spend it with you, however you want it to go. So... will you walk with me?"

Aerium began to back away, slowly stepping into the soft street lamp glow.

"Come on, I will tell you my name." He grinned, beckoning her to follow as he turned around and started towards the marketplace. It would still be bustling with trade at his hour, providing music and food and drink, and gods knew he needed something in his stomach right now. Something better than the party full of young men and women of the city getting drunk and bumping into each other in lustful throws.
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A soft laugh rode her sigh as she was caught and pulled back to him, her flushed cheeks dimpled by the width of her smile. She'd have been disappointed had he allowed her to walk away so easily, but she appreciated that he released his hold and let her have the freedom to leave should she wish it. But wish it, she did not, not when he was looking at her the way he did - his grin the brutal slash of a blade, severing her connection to her better judgement.

Saffia's gaze dropped, curling a stray tress of dark waves around her ear as she pretended to consider. As though she had not already made up her mind. "I will walk with you, ser.." she answered, her dark eyes rising to meet his own. "Under one condition." her brow quirked, her feet slowly moving after him, her lips curled into a lilting smile.

"You must not tell me your name.."

Let him remain a stranger, for that was all he could ever be. A name would make him something else, something more. There was little point in learning it only to let it go and speak it no more, knowing full well that it would follow her just as she followed him now.
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Gods damned that laugh.

It had made him turn back to watch her, calling his bluff of turning his back onto her when he should always be gazing on this beauty.

"Then we have a deal." The grin was too enlightened, too joyous that this girl had made his chest flutter so.

That grin turned smile, and even that threatened to make a home upon his facade. She was walking with him now, as he had slowed enough to let her catch up to him so that they may wander aimlessly towards the nightmarket.

"Well, if not my name, then you must ask me other questions! First, I want to ask you... what is your favourite flower?" He had wanted to ask her of a colour, but Aerium liked the idea in his head that she was an ever constant array of colour to be cherished.
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Her hand rose to her brow as she shook her head with another quiet laugh in exasperation.. What was she doing?

"Daylillies." she answered confidently.. "They're wild and bright and.. resilient. My grandmother used to dye our skirts to rival their colours.." she smiled with a soft sigh, looking down as she swayed to let the layers of fabric shift around her ankles.

"What's your favourite colour?.." she asked in return, openly studying him as she walked..
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Daylillies. He knew he would remember that.

"Blue. I like the darker blues..." The question he most wanted top ask was on the tip of his tongue, but Aerium was a man of his word and kept himself from asking it. "Well, Daylilly. You forgot to ask what my favourite flower is. It's hyacinths, actually." His grandmother's cottage had so many of them growing in her garden, he remembered liking the indigo flowers that were by the front door. Many afternoons spent at his grandmother's was watching her in the garden, tending to her blooms and herbs. He was never allowed to help after crying about the bees.

"You ever been to the night market? Feeling famished, how about you?" So many delicious smells wafted their way as they entered the street, and several carts and stands were set up. "Come on, I'm buying."
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Saffia laughed as he used the flower as some sort of pet name, and so she followed suit with a grin and an apologetic curtsy. "Do forgive me, Hyacinth."

"I've only watched from afar." she told him, slowing a little as she realised that he planned on taking her there. "My people generally leave the city before nightfall. I'm not sure it's such a good idea. You're going to get both of us into trouble." she smiled, though there was a shadow of anxiety in her gaze that hoped he'd see reason.

The various foods, savory and sweet, did smell incredible, and her empty stomach seemed to growl in response, urging her to accept the offer.

Above the sound of chatter and laughter, a few instruments began to play, and Saffia brows rose, her interest piqued. She had always wanted to visit the night market.. "A short while, then..."
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Aerium could not help the grin spreading across his face, chuckling at how easily persuaded she was when the decadent aromas reached them. "They don't care who you are unless you pay them. You'll be right with me. I rarely get in trouble." He winked at her, already looking forward to showing her the amazement that was the night market and the array of food being sold.

It was true that none would care about them, not until someone either recognised him or ask for his name, but Daylily did not ask for it, so there was no real reason someone would come to learn of it.

The first stall he happened upon sold small and dainty cakes, decorated in any style of flower on display. "Evening." Aerium greeted the vendor, smiling to compensate how his deep voice sounded. He had grown up with an authoritative figure, it was bound to catch on to him. "Think you can design a daylily? It's for my lady. Mad for them, she is."

Another wink awarded to her.

"Daylily? That like a lily lily, ain't it?" The vendor questioned.
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She doubted the baker could catch the resilience of a flower in icing, and so she stopped herself from lecturing him on the difference and simply nodded with a shrug, and grinned at her stranger.

Saffia watched with intrigue as the man delicately decorated the little cake with bright coloured petals of buttercream and she beamed at him as he handed it over to her.

"It's surely too pretty to eat, no?" she laughed as she took it with a warm smile. "Thank you."

Enamoured by the intricacy of the design, she hesitated for a moment before scooping a little of the icing onto her finger and tasting it, her eyes widening briefly. "Hm.. Perhaps not pretty enough." she mused.

After dipping her finger into the frosting once more, she offered Aerium a taste. "So. Your lady, am I?" she licked her finger and shot a side glance at him, amusement dancing in her eyes.
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Aerium held her hand and bit into the offered icing and cupcake, chuckling as he watched her scoop more onto her finger for another taste. "You know I bought you an actual cake to go with all the icing." Icing he got on the corners of his lips in his eager bite, but he left it there to give her something to laugh about in hopes to hear that melody again.

"Well... I can tell you already I like you enough to not want to be just friends." He grinned, moving his hand to her back and guiding her along the market. "I fancy you. Just like that, and I will do my best to earn you and call you my lady truly, Daylily. Tonight, I will woo you with a three course meal... just, the order of things might be non-traditional..."

When she wasn't prepared for it, Aerium snuck another large bite of the cupcake, catching a touch of icing to his nose.

"Well, what about you? You feeling what I am feeling about you?" He winked.
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Saffia's laughter bubbled up like a melody as she watched Aerium enjoy the sweetness of the cake. His playful demeanor was infectious, drawing her in with all its warmth and charm.

As he confessed his feelings, there was no hiding Saffia's grin. "So certain, are you, bold Ser? But you hardly know me at all." she said, her tone light and her eyes glistening with amusement as she feigned fanning her blushing cheeks at the prospect of being wined and dined.

"Uh - hey!" she laughed again, almost half of her pretty cake now gone and the icing entirely ruined. She flashed her teeth in a smile at him, shaking her head slowly with incredulity. It was a complicated answer, and she knew this was a fleeting romance, one night of being swept off her feet before reality struck her back to the ground.

Her head tilted as she tried to find words that wouldn't disappoint him, and when she could fine none she grinned and stopped him, stepping up onto her tiptoes to draw him into a kiss, sharing the icing that he'd stolen from her.
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He was not at all ready for her to pull him into a kiss, but he reciprocated as his hands fell to her waist and held her close. Aerium kept it innocent, sweet. It was the only way he could taste the sugar on their lips. His heart was a steady drumming, threatening to break from his ribs and reach for her own heart, for he was so sure the Daylily was a song his breath wished to breath life into.

Several people gave the young couple a wide berth, moving around them as they shook their heads or made adoring comments on their young love. He gave no real heed to anyone but the girl in his arms.

But he needed to breathe, something that was stolen from the air and not her own lungs.

"Shit. You're about to get me in trouble and confess my love and adoration for you." Aerium chuckled breathlessly, staring down at her. His hand came up to cup her chin, his thumb reaching to wipe some icing from the corner of her mouth. "I haven't been... this happy in a long time. It has not been an hour with you and already... you have given breath to something dormant in me."
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