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The Sovereign Order!
Pretty haughty name, I know. But that just goes to show how far they aim to get in the near future.

Hi guys! Just finished laying the groundwork for my martial order, and I'm looking for people who are interested in joining in on our shenanigans. But first, I believe a brief introduction is in order.

What is the Sovereign Order?
The sovereign order is a newly formed military organisation, currently based in the Allir Reach, that seeks to attain military and political superiority over other organisations and nations on Arethil alike. Though newly founded, It possesses a military over a thousand strong, with the current average strength of its weakest warriors being slightly higher than that of the average army's ordinary soldiers. This average is quickly rising, though, due to the current bone breaking training focus. More information on the order can be found here!

What am I looking for?
If you checked out the page, you'd notice that there are a number of positions in the upper echelon that currently do not have a defined character. They aren't vacant, the characters holding those positions have just not yet been created. Should anyone feel like creating a new character to hold one of those positions, I'll be more than happy to hear from you. If you would rather create a new character in a lower position, or rather have your already existing character join the order as a fresh recruit, just let me know. The more interest this gets, the merrier.

What is the order's current focus?
(This part will be updated to reflect future changes)
  • Recruiting and training fresh blood. The order doesn't care about the experience, status, or race of new recruits. Whether veteran soldiers or untrained peasants, noble or slave, human, elf, dwarf, all are welcome. What matters is their potential are the results of the training they undergo.
  • Preparations for the war with Koda. Following IC development, sometime soon, an all out war will break out between the order and its neighboring kingdom of Koda. To this end, sovereign forces are being mobilized and are ready to respond whenever the war actually erupts.

With all that said, I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you!
Dauner out!​
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