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The Supreme Monarch
Character Biography
Alliria. A thriving city, built upon the greed of many, where wealth is power. This was the same city Dauner had established the Reaper's Den in. With the initial framework for his plans in place, all he needed to do was sit back and wait. Once he'd amassed a suitable army, he would find, or build, a fortress. One which will house thousands of men, who listen to his command only. At that point, his first objective on Arethil would be mostly complete. But that would take quite a bit of time to be realized, so what to do in the meantime?

It had been more than half a year since Dauner first arrived on Arethil. All of this time was spent, either adventuring in the Allir Reach, or in the city of Alliria. Finally, it was time to strike out into the world of Arethil, and witness all it had to offer.

There were many a place he'd heard of during his stay in Alliria. All of which he planned on visiting eventually. But first, he wanted to visit some place close to his current location. There were tales of the Eldyr Tree. The world's largest tree. Dauner had heard of them. Now he would witness them. Leaving the management of the Reaper's Den to his trusted aid, Ayana, he set out towards the spine.

While he was at it, he could use the opportunity to check out the Knights of Anathaeum. The few encounters he'd had with a couple of knights in the past did give him a bad impression on knights in general. But for someone who'd lived as long as he had, he knew better than to judge the many by the actions of the few.

All in all, he was looking forward to having fateful encounters along the way, with people of all races and walks of life, though he personally would prefer beautiful ladies, and damsels in distress.

With these thoughts in mind, Dauner set out, taking with him only 5 of his most skilled shadows, all of whom remained in the shadows as they followed him.
Frontal talons and rear paws carried a rather peculiar creature through the streets of Alliria. In a manner similar to that of a Centaur, 2 semi-autonomous bodies made up its frame. Unlike the half man half beast, however, this one was fully animalistic. With an amalgamation of feline and raptorial attributes, one could make the distinction this was a mutated Griffin of sorts.

Tharraleos was the designation of this nomadic traveller. As per usual, the mutant was aimlessly traversing without much of a destination in mind. He had just reached this region only a few days ago and was searching for an opportunity to put his talents to use. Very seldom did he ever have to look far as he had a tendency to attract attention, whether someone made a futile attempt to collect his hide or employ him for something.

Given his moral ambiguity, there often wasn't a job he'd decline so long as it piqued his intrigue. With golden irises intently surveying the general area and other acute senses doing their own reconnaissance, Tharraleos would continue to trek forth.
Dauner had barely reached the city gates when he noticed something flying through the streets. This brought up a remorseful thought in his head. It had already been half a year since his arrival on Arethil, however, he had never seen a creature of this species. Reason? He's been cooped up in one place for way too long. For an adventurer and thrill seeker like Dauner, this was a big no. Perhaps once there was no place that remained unexplored to him, he would settle. For a few years, maybe, before setting off on the road once again.

Anyway, he would worry about that when the time for that was ripe. But that time was yet to come. For now, he examined the bird-like creature. From the looks of it, it was a well travelled individual. He very likely had a good deal of experience and knowledge about the world. Something Dauner would probably need on his journey.

In order to get the bird's attention, he used a mental transmission, sending a message straight into his brain, waving towards him as he did.

"Hey there!"

The Tauric beast seemed to be lost in his own thoughts; reflecting on his most recent adventures. Something odd happened, however, that not only snapped him from his trance, but caused him to come to an abrupt halt. It sounded as if a voice that he never heard before was speaking inside his head. Understandably perplexed, his bipedal torso pivoted laterally as his quartet of feet rooted themselves to the ground. It appeared to catch him off guard and put him on high alert.

It didn't take him long to notice a figure that seemed to be attempting to get his attention not too far away. With a raised brow, he eased up marginally and stayed where he was. Whatever this individual utilized to communicate felt comparable to his own psionics and with his vast mental fortitude he deduced that he should be able to tune into the same wavelength.

"You " He would sternly respond with booming vocals in the man's mind as his rigid eyes narrowed at him subtly. The lengthy composite tail of the dual-bodied Griffin would sway about; the feathered ends often serving as a favorable weapon. He couldn't quite put a paw on it, but something was peculiar about this individual. He certainly was no typical mortal, so naturally Tharr's curiosity only grew.

"State your business." the heraldic hybrid would continue while watching the man with unblinking laser focused precision. His piercing goldenrod stare was unwavering and had witnessed centuries of events. There was no denying how battle hardened he was, but exploring the globe and indulging in the natural beauties of the world was more the root of his ambitions. The mutation that agonizingly contorted him into this current form appeared to slow his aging if not stop it altogether. Now the cruel effects of time would shackle him no longer.
Oh. A psychic! Dauner thought. He could tell from a glance that the gryphtaur was strong, and had been through many a battlefield. And he could fly. An ability that Dauner had yet to recover. It may have been his childish nature speaking, but he wasted the gryphtaur to become his ride, for no other reason than that, it would look cool. For a guy who valued his aesthetic so much, that was equally as important as eating and breathing. But he'd keep that desire hidden away. For now.

Despite the stern manner of speech or the booming intensity of the voice, which could be considered a low level mental attack on normal people, Dauner maintained his composure and smile. If it was 7000 years before, Dauner would've ripped him to shreds, but he wasn't the heavenly demon from Segora anymore. So he tried to act like it. So far, it was a success. To an extent. That is, if you count out the number of corpses and brain-dead zombies he had left in his wake.

"You look like the adventuring type" Dauner's voice would one again appear in the gryphtaur's brain. Although the intensity of his voice still remained the same, it contained a greater pressure than before. It wasn't that great a pressure, though. At worst, it would cause a mild headache on normal people, but for one with psychic abilities like the gryphtaur, it would only cause a sensation akin to a mild itch on his brain.

"A sell sword, perhaps?" he continued. "I'm heading out to experience the world, and I could use an experienced adventurer. What do you say? Interested in joining me?"

Tharraleos broke the eye contact momentarily as he glanced slightly off to the side as if digesting the man's words. He always did fare just well on his own, but every now and then he wasn't opposed to companionship. Having his own thoughts being the only thing to keep him occupied does tend to become tiring. Tharr couldn't help but be perplexed by this human looking creature, whatever he was. Any normal man usually buckles under his mere presence. Returning his gaze to Dauner, the Tauric beast would begin to walk towards him without an ounce of hesitance.

"Such an assumption would be correct." He would initially respond still connected to the telepathic wavelength. Of course he took note of the added pressure and reciprocated in kind that would likely invoke similar sensations. Once he reached a respectable distance he would halt his gait. taking a much closer look at the brown skinned man. He reeked of murderous intent and even just looking into his eyes was almost enough to shake the indomitable resolve of Tharraleos. Of course this only excited the Griffin and he became more open to the idea after being somewhat reluctant at first.

"Consider me an acquaintance in your endeavors." he continued, this time his words emerging from his golden sawtoothed rostrum. Similarly, his audible speech was just as explosive as his mental prowess. His words seemed to erupt from within him and tremble the air around him. His articulation was sharp and his tone was borderline baritone.Often times his mannerisms would betray his beastly exterior.

"I am Tharraleos." he would finish, crossing his upper left arm over his broad chest.
The more Tharraleos spoke, the more Dauner began to believe that a booming voice was how Tharraleos naturally spoke, and thus his initial mental attack, wasn't in fact intended. Well, Dauner didn't care much about that, though. Even if it was intended, it wasn't enough to hold him.

He finally eased himself, sealing back whatever bits of killing intent he'd let slip at that initial encounter. Dauner smiled at the Gryphtaur, extending his hand for a handshake. "I'm Dauner. A pleasure" he'd add. Dauner always only used formal introduction mannerism during actual formal introductions to some important figure, noble, aristocrat, or royal. To the rest, he went with the occasion, such as his casual introduction with Tharraleos.

"Can I call you Thar?" he asked. Dauner was a nickname maniac. He had a nickname for just about everyone he knew, and that was a lot of people. It was hard to see him actually using someone's name, after having met them for more than once. Although he asked Tharraleos for permission first, he was still going to use the nickname, whatever his answer was.


Well. That certainly put a damper on the mystique Nisreen had cultivated among the small crowd. The five Allirians comprising said crowd all turned to look at the accusatory newcomer advancing into their little circle, eyebrows climbing (and none climbing higher than Nisreen's own, at least in that initial moment). Passersby continued on past the little congregation and down the Market Avenue, generally minding their own business, but in Nisreen's small pocket of Alliria all eyes were on the angry newcomer.

"Good to see you again," she tried to remember his name, ah, and then was certain she had it, "Benjamin."

"Charles!" he corrected. Crossly.

"Have I ever told you how much you look like a Benjamin?" Nisreen said pleasantly, whilst smiling wolfishly.

Charles ignored that. He instead clapped a hand on the shoulder of Nisreen's current client, for whom she had been presently engaged in demonstrating a trick of the hand (he was a silly gambler down on his luck, after all), twenty-two cards held out in a fan for him to pick any one of. Charles warned the gambler, "Don't heed this Empire Witch's lies! She sells nothing but snake oil!"

"And to that I'll protest," Nisreen said. Though, queerly, it sounded like she was very much enjoying herself, even more so than before Charles had begun to make a fuss. "I'll have you know I find snakes to be most unwelcome company."

The gambler himself just shrugged at Charles. "I don't know. She knows a thing or two about shuffling, I can say that."

"And that's all you can say!" Charles bellowed. Then to the small crowd, "Listen to me! Last week, I came to this supposed wise woman with a malady, and her remedy did nothing! Nothing! Nay, worse than nothing! It made my problem worse!"

Oh! Now she remembered Charles. The man with the terrible rash infesting his nethers. His poor wife was so despondent—and awfully embarrassed that he had to describe his malady in excruciating detail so Nisreen could divine an appropriate cure for him. A cure which seemed to have been applied clumsily, judging by his heated demeanor.

Still. Charles was stealing the crowd's attention, and that just wouldn't do. Innocently, Nisreen suggested, "Would you like to elaborate on which malady, Charles? I recall that you had several."

And now a bright red blush rose up from Charles's jowls to his cheekbones. The gambler snickered and Charles shot him a look. Then to Nisreen Charles scowled and growled, "You know which one I'm talking about!"

Nisreen nonchalantly began to fan herself with her crescent of cards. "Your sacral chakra, yes, of course, you were highly disturbed by the imbalance you were suffering."

The woman of the small crowd, a naïve-looking blue-eyed flower girl, glanced between Charles and Nisreen and asked quizzically, "His what...?"

Nisreen, dry and quick as a whip: "His penis, my dear."

The gambler and the rest of the men in the crowd burst out laughing, the poor sweet woman went as red as Charles, and Charles...well, livid was a great word for it. In his sparked rage, he raised a fist and made to lunge, "YOU BITCH!"

The gambler intercepted him. "Hey! Wait your turn, jackass. Get your dick fixed in the meantime."

And, in the ensuing scuffle, Nisreen slipped away down the Market Avenue. My, my, time to go and all. The gambler was like as much to be as cross as Charles once he realized she'd gone and that she still had in her coin purse some gold for services not yet rendered, but...that was alright. If it was her Fate to meet with him again, then so it would be. Coincidentally, the gambler also looked like a Benjamin to her. What was it with these Allirians and all of them looking so plain to her eyes? Oh well. On she went.

Thus was the story preceding Nisreen's short trek down the Avenue, whereupon she would eventually happen upon an intriguing sight. Passersby and Allirian guardsmen went by on their days, attending to their business, and a good many were human and a fair share were not. The usual specimens: elves and dwarves and such, nothing she hadn't seen out west. But what Nisreen had come to spy was a taller man (oh, Kaliti perhaps, by the look of his tanned skin?) speaking with a creature the likes of whom she'd not seen before. Some kind of...bird centaur. Hmm. Marvelous. Nisreen had always wanted to try her hand at haruspicy, but entrails were just so repulsive to work with.

Nisreen collapsed the deck of cards between her palms and between them the deck disappeared, a small puff of sand slipping out from her fingers the only evidence of the deck's departure. She'd summon it back if needed.

If there was one thing about Nisreen, it was that she always acted like she was welcome. Right up to Dauner she went, standing beside him with hands clasped behind her back, and she remarked, "Wherever did you find this fascinating creature?"

She missed the part where Tharraleos could, in fact, speak. A hearty surprise in waiting, this.

Dauner Gryphtaur
Tharraleos continued to study the man with laser focused precision. Very seldom did his eyelids sweep upwards to blink. Upon seeing his cordial mannerisms and lessening of the intensity, the beast would give a grin of his own, albeit a rather awkward one with his sharp angled beak. He'd close the remaining distance and stop just less than an arm's reach away where the height difference was alot more noticeable. With the conjoined height of his two bodies, he often towered over many he interacted with.

Lowering the quadrupedal body slightly, Tharr would extend an arm out and grip Dauner's hand with his paw. While lacking opposable thumbs and giving a rather unorthodox gesture, the grip he was able to obtain was astutely firm. What's more, is even though they looked soft and downy, it'd feel like grabbing onto a metal pipe. Not to mention his paw pads were covered in rough scales. And just within those pawtips were claws more deadly than most swords.

As he retracted his limb and opened his maw to reply, the duo was suddenly accompanied by a third. Tharraloes would blink a few times and tilt his head to the side somewhat perplexed as he exchanged glances between the two. Was she with him? Their similar complexion could denote some kind of kinship or perhaps it was coincidental. She didn't particularly speak like they knew eachother. It was odd for sure, but not enough to stir the avian feline. If anything, it only added to his curiosities, so he wasn't displeased with this development.

"The same way you have just now." Tharraleos would respond with a mild chuckle as his goldenrod orbs averted themselves to her. He found the question to be rather amusing as a majority of his encounters were spontaneous like this. His lower body would situate itself in a sitting position and the arms on his bipedal torso would fold over his broad furred chest.

"One of yours?" the Allasson Griffin would inquire to Dauner with a raised brow as he turned his attention back to him.
Dauner was impressed by the steel like paws, Thar had. If anything, they'd be great material for refining weapons. Had Thar existed in Segora instead, he'd most likely have been hunted most of the time for this. Segorans had the tendency to chase after quality materials, so they could refine quality products. But, Arethil was very different in that respect.

Dauner, personally, never cared about hunting for resources. His clothes, imbued with demonic energy, had always been more than enough armor, and his sword, the cursed blade that hung on his back, wrapped in a white cloth, was probably one of the best weapons in existence.

Right after their handshake, their conversation was interrupted by a rather most welcome intruder. Dauner has always had a thing for pretty girls, and that wasn't a trait that was going to change anytime soon. Shifting his gaze back to Thar, he smiled as he replied, "Not yet. But I have a feeling that's about to change" he said, turning back to the new arrival.

"The only fascinating thing I can see right now, is you" he'd continue, extending his hand. "Dauner A. Light. A pleasure to make your acquaintance" he'd say, giving a kiss to her hand, as soon as he got it. "And this is Thar" he added, gesturing towards Tharaleos.

The same way you have just now.

Nisreen gasped the second Tharraleos delightfully defied her expectations by proving, yes, he did have a voice, and yes, he was more than a mere beast. Her mistake! And pristine, for all was as it should be! Everything was woven into the Great Tapestry. Favor and folly alike tumbled out in the unfurling.

"Splendid!" And it was splendid, darling, of course. Exotic beasts stoked a wonder of the world and all its marvels, but exotic people were treasures.

And people, as it so happened, also had the potential to be paying customers. Fees? What fees? Shh. Ahem. The revealing of the Great Tapestry through fortunes was, of course, a reward in and of itself, and one ought never to purposefully go forth with the intent in heart to make coin off of so divine an undertaking. If, however, coin just so happened to fall into her purse in grateful donation for services rendered, as it had with Charles and as it had with the gambler, then all the better.

Dauner, as he would come to introduce himself, was quite the flatterer. What a coincidence! Nisreen prided herself on being quite the enjoyer of flattery. She accepted the handshake offered to her, a smile crossing her countenance and a humming titter to accompany it when he kissed the back of her hand—precisely in the loop of her ankh tattoo, as it so happened.

Dauner A. Light, then. Thar, for the bird centaur of extraordinary surprises. Her turn for introductions in their spontaneous company of three.

She swept an arm in front of herself, fingers gracefully twirling, and bowed ever so slightly. "Nisssreen Sssaladeen," she said, drawing out the s consonants of her name with a performer's flair, "diviner of fates and teller of fortunes—among other things—and I am at your...service."

Nisreen straightened. Crossed one arm over her chest and cradled her cheek with her other hand, observing them both. "And what other wonders besides myself has the day brought you thus far?"

Dauner Gryphtaur
Tharraleos watched the interaction taking place before him. He couldn't help but let out a subtle smirk at Dauner's noticeably heightened formalities when speaking with the female. Suppose she was attractive as far as humanoids go and there was an heir of exciting mystery about her, so he wasn't particularly judging. Nisreen the teller of fortunes huh? Tharr instinctively began to ponder just what kind of abilities she harbored within.

"Such wonders shall soon be discovered." the Tauroid would respond. With the arms on his anthropomorphic torso still folded, he'd raise an anterior leg and point a digit of his talons at Dauner. "This fine gentleman seeks intrepid adventurers and as fate would have it, two very capable candidates seemed to have crossed his path." he'd go on to say with an astute nod of his silver feathered noggin. The idea was thoroughly enticing the more he thought the limitless possibilities. These two may end up being compelling companions after all.

Dauner Nisreen Saladeen
The more he watched her, the more he knew they would get along just fine. From her mannerism, Dauner could infer that Sal was someone who liked to perform. He wasn't complaining or anything. He too had a similar interest, which was in looking cool in all he did. This defined his aesthetic, and his aesthetic was one of the things he lived by.

"Oh!" Dauner exclaimed after Nisreen introduced herself. "A diviner of fates" he said as a grin crossed his face. Things were proving to be quite interesting. Though, Dauner, unlike many who left things up to fate, was one who love to defy it. He believed his fate wasn't something written down by some god, or nature. No. He believed the only one with a pen good enough to write down his fate was him, and he'd done a splendid job proving that up till now. Though, whenever he got negligent, some higher being tended to meddle in it alot. but that just added some flavor to his life, so he never complained. For some reason the thought of fate made Dauner's mind wonder to the celestial wars. Not that it was anything important anyway.

After snapping out to it, he continued. "We will be very much pleased to have you join our little merry band, Nis" Dauner spoke after Thar. "The road will no dount be a more enjoyable experience with such charming company" he'd wink at the end of his sentence.

Shall soon be discovered. What more appealing a notion could there be? If ever there was an unquenchable fire in the beating hearts of men and women the world over, it was the quiet and constant crackle of curiosity.

As fate would have it...

Nisreen beamed at this. Of course she did. Why, such sayings just tickled her fancy, didn't they? And, as it was, Fate had not only drawn Thar and Dauner to her but her to Thar and Dauner. A meeting years and years in the making, and now they were alllll~ here. Their separate threads in the Great Tapestry began spread apart and now look: they were woven together! Magnificent.

Thar spoke of how Dauner sought adventurers. Brilliant. Her gateway to the uncharted east, perhaps? Already Alliria marked the farthest east she'd ever traveled, and the roads were fraught with danger. But upon land which the soles of her sandals had yet to grace would of course be what she sought: the missing cards from the Deck of Nine.

As for what Dauner sought. Yes...

"And here we are, intrepid adventurers of the charming and formidable variety."

Was it a bit of stretch to call herself an adventurer, given how such types were wont to be, rather than a traveler? Hush now with your semantics.

She continued. "You could say it was all..." A little twist of her hand and—poof—one of her cards, with its blue surface and golden trim, appeared between two of her fingers, tiny wisps of sand drifting off and away, " the cards."

Nisreen twirled her wrist around idly, spinning the card as she said, "Pardon my puns—such wanton abuses of the Common tongue are near worthy of the lash yet I can scarcely help myself!"

Dauner Gryphtaur
For such a large and foreboding figure, Tharraleos appeared to be rather docile. Lethargic and apathetic even. He seemed content with allowing the conversation to primarily flow between the other two. A beast of action, he really only piped up when he deemed necessary. This was more a testament to his reclusive lifestyle more than anything. This dynamic between them was rather appealing thus far, so he was enjoying the interaction.

A subtle look of awe enveloped his visage as the card manifested itself within the fortune teller's fingers. Now that was sufficiently interesting, he thought, and he couldn't help but ponder what the extent of her abilities were. The same sentiment held true for Dauner as the Griff had a hunch there was something greater than his unimposing appearance would denote. All would be revealed in due time.

"With that established." Tharr would begin as he focused his eyes on the male. "Where are we off to, Daun?" he continued to inquire, his beak twisting into a slight grin at the utterance of a nickname for him. He gave one for both of them, so it only seemed fitting. It was said almost in a playful manner and lent to the notion that behind the stoic exterior, there was a sense of humor under all that fluff and muscle.

Dauner Nisreen Saladeen
First impressions mattered a lot, and the best way to make an impact was through a proper introduction. That, or leaping into the face of danger at the last minute, to save a damsel in distress. Dauner was surprised how well the latter worked at selling his charm. The heart-throbbing phenomenon of being snatched from the grasps of despair by a charming young man. Saying Dauner had introduced himself in such a way only a few times, will be lying.

With the introductions all done, Dauner now had a proper estimate of what his new companions were like. Thar looked like a guy was tough on the outside, and soft on the inside. That is, unless his organs were made of steel. He seemed to have a cautious, but approachable personality. Nisreen, on the other hand, was a performer at heart, with all her interactions seeming to have elements of a stage performance.

All in all, there wasn't anything to complain about. Offering the party a smile, Dauner turned to respond to Thar's question. "East". That was all he said about a destination. He had no specific place in mind, just a general direction. The good thing about adventures was that, it was one of those times, Dauner could leave his fate in the hands of its entanglements with the fates of others.

"We should head east, and let the fates decide our destination". This could also be translated as Dauner implicitly granting permission to the godly entities of Arethil, to use his fate in weaving out a new story. After all, it got boring if you were the one doing the weaving of your fate, since everything would end up too predictable.

So he was going east. Wonderful.

Nisreen clapped her hands together, fingers undulating back and forth and the card trapped in them seeming to dance. "An excellent choice." A funny word, choice, for to see the Great Tapestry in all its glory would be to challenge any notion thereof. But this she did not say. What was important was that, yes, they were going east.

"Perhaps for you or perhaps for Thar, you are well-traveled in the eastward roads. Yet for me it will mark a special occasion! feet have walked across the endless sands of Amol-Kalit and journeyed far over Liadain, but this will be the first time I have ever set foot upon Epressa. Splendid, no?"

And for good reason did her Fate take her east. The Deck remained incomplete. Somewhere upon this foreign continent lay one of its cards—perhaps several, but this was not hers to know just yet. Scarcely did she know where she was being led now, but her interpretation of the signs (in her humble opinion) was without flaw. Signs were everywhere...if one only knew where and how to look. For her, it was simply a matter of discovering the pieces of the puzzle as she went and putting them all together.

Now, woven together with Dauner and Thar as she was, their signs would be shared. Divining their fortunes meant divining her own. Gorgeous, truly gorgeous, how it all worked.

The time would come for it. Yes, it would.

Dauner Gryphtaur
East, huh? Tharraleos brought a paw to the underside of his beak and pondered for a moment. He could recall numerous locations from differing regions from that direction, but it was primarily isolated instances. Traveling by air had it's conveniences for sure, though oftentimes there's alot that could be overlooked. Any attempt at drawing a map would be segmented. Nevertheless, that was part of the thrill of being an adventurer for the Griff. Such ignorance was mostly intentional to leave room for some surprises. He at least knew which way was east.

"Very well." Tharr would state as his lower body stood back up while his uppermost arms were placed firmly at his sides. "I welcome the chance to travel by paw and talon. Your limited physiology will be most beneficial." the Tauroid would go on. Spending a majority of his time in solitude, his social skills were a bit lacking. What was intended as a compliment likely came off as backhanded. He genuinely was looking forward to some camaraderie. Being a masterpiece of biological engineering enhanced further by a mutation, he couldn't help but feel a bit highly of himself as well. Centuries of survival perhaps warranted such confidence feasibly enough.

He looked around momentarily before beginning locomotion in what appeared to be a purposeful direction. While also displaying more of his societal ineptitude with such abruptness and seemingly wandering off . His extensive composite tail would swing about in controlled chaos. It seemed to assist the beast with balancing his unorthodox frame. Being intently aware of his numerous extremities, he was pretty good about not striking things or people as even the most minimal of taps could damage a normal being. This seemed to be the case as he made his way through the crowd seamlessly. His mind began to contemplate the near infinite possibilities this newest escapade could bring. Tharraleos himself may just be a harbinger of fate as he essentially allows the wind to guide his path and this was no different.

Dauner Nisreen Saladeen
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Dauner was indeed well traveled. There was probably no one on Alliria that had travelled as much as him. Back on Segora, there wasn't a single geographical region or settlement he hadn't been to. In the void, he had explored a total area even he himself had couldn't measure. But, as far as the planet of Arethil went, Alliria and the Alir Reach were the only places he'd ever been to. Well, that, at least, was about to change.

Dauner couldn't help but notice Thar's seeming lack of awareness of social norms. Dauner's guess was, the Gryph didn't spend much time with people. However, the most surprising, was that Thar thought of Dauner as someone having a lacking physiology. Sure, he looked rather frail. He wasn't exactly muscular, and his skin was smooth. One of the points that accented his charm. That wasn't exactly the skin of a seasoned adventurer. There were no scars and no calluses on his hands. Dauner somewhat understood why everyone who hadn't seen him fight would think him as frail, and in need of protection.

However, the idea of being thought of as being only as strong as he looked never ceased to amuse him. But he always went along with it. There was some fun to be had in seeing the surprised looks on the faces of his companions, once he step on the field of battle.

"Great!" Dauner exclaimed, just as Thar began to walk away. "Now that our party is properly formed, shall we?" he said, speaking specifically to Nisreen, since Thar had already started to walk.

In keeping with his nimble movements despite his mass, the half ton bulk of fur, feathers and muscle that was Tharraleos made his way forth with surprising quickness given his relaxed gait. The quartet of well muscled limbs and calculated stride allowing ample dexterity, power and speed. His conjoined bodies almost appeared to resemble a rider and its steed as the humanoid torso swayed about somewhat from movements of the quadruped body. The Tauric Griff seemed to drift off into thought and perhaps didn't consider two legged waking.

There was some genuine intrigue about this Dauner fellow. Just being around him made his senses itch, even after the intensity was lessened. Not to mention he couldn't help but feel like the man was particularly alone, as if someone or something was trailing them. Whether this was a cautious delusion or keen instinct remained to be seen. It hardly mattered to Tharr in the end though. He reveled in the potential opportunity to put his talents to use.

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