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    Aug 3, 2018
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    Welcome to the Roleplay Discussion Forum. Feel free to create OOC threads for current or future roleplays here for easy communication with other members.

    Use the following prefixes to help easily identify what you are looking for:

    [​IMG] Used for Out Of Character (OOC) Thread Discussions for a particular roleplay

    [​IMG] Looking For Group for one on one roleplay

    [​IMG] Looking for Group for a quest adventure. Either with a particular guild, government, or particular organization

    [​IMG] Used to discuss any matters pertaining to lore for feedback and interest

    • We recommend you always use at least one tag for a LFG that shows the location (e.g. Elbion)
    • Please do not use more than four tags
    • Staff may remove tags on threads if there are more than four
    • Staff may merge similar tags across the board for consistency
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