Suggestion React Reform


Foul tyrants that hold thy iron fists in dictatorial fervor over this humble corner of the internet, I beseech thee! Long have I engaged in tirades over the odd collection of reactions available in the list for our use, and more aptly the lack thereof!

Okay I'm not doing that the whole time.

We've got odd redundancies in the list of reacts available to us. I'm sure on some level you limit what is there for the sake of neatness, but there's also clearly a much higher number of reacts you can put in, even ignoring the venerable state of some of the reacts in the list.

While I'm not suggesting removing any of the current reaction emotes, I'll point out that "sip" and "popcorn" express the exact same sentiment, and "love" and "cthoolove" express almost the same sentiment.

"Shock" is not expressing actual shock, but is used consistently as an expression of wonder or pleasant surprise.

On the contrary, I believe that the addition of "smug," "fear," "nervous," "stressed," and "aww" were all great strides towards allowing us to properly express ourselves here on the forum, and praise their addition as such.

My actual recommendation beyond my rambling critique is this:
1) Rename "shock" to either "wonder" or "surprise."
2) Add the "pangasp" emote from the discord server to the list of reactions as the new "shock," or simply call it "gasp."
3) Add the "wutroo" emote from the discord server as an additional reaction, as it adds an expression that is not represented by the current reaction roster.
4) While less important, consider also "justright," "panshrug," and/or "pancool."

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration, good day.