Suggestion :Fregwat:


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Hello friends! Today I am making the case that one specific frog emote is necessary as an onsite react. Specifically, Freg-wat.

It is just the cutest thing ever and also can stand in for a wide array of emotions, such as surprise, silent anger, or intense focus. For example, say that someone makes a big mistake in-character: The Fregwat face could be almost like a look of disappointment as opposed to outright mad face or cry roos according to the personality traits of the other player characters. Even when not taking a negative light, it could have it's uses. For example, the current reacts for confusion seem to be Derp and Huh but one is kinda like happy confusion and the other one looks kinda annoyed. Freg could be another way to display confusion too, but a neutral kind.

Thanks for reading!

- Gerblin