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Black Cinders

Character Biography
Iris was a slave once, a woman wrenched from her home by conquerors and thrown to their people as a common slave. So she was there for two years, working as a barmaid, her owner putting her to the whipping post any time she did anything remotely wrong, or when she felt like it, and was oftentimes rented out to customers. It wasn’t until Rathu Belzad had taken her from her slavery and brought her to Lord Cinder that her life changed for the better.

Now she was one of his disciples, a Disciples of Cinder, and now half demon, even having been given wings, which she hid underneath her cloak. Now she walked down the streets of Amol Kalit. There were slaves there too, but her goal was different, she needed to find more people who desired vengeance, or were otherwise wrathful or wronged, and bring them into the fold of her Dark Lord. Her ears were open to the sound of anger or of pain, and it was this sound that would bring her closer to a potential initiate.
  • Devil
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