vel luin

  1. Everleigh Ebersol

    Private Tales Licking Love Off of Knives

    Do I have more pleasures or regrets? As Everleigh got up from the bed and made her way to the chair, her eyes caught on to her discarded clothing. Her pants, her shirt, the cloak given to her by the Academy with the badge of the dreadlords peeking out of the black folds with its bright...
  2. Kristen Pirian

    Private Tales Lethality

    VEL LUIN It wasn't the first time Kristen had seen the grandeur of Vel Luin with her own eyes. Even putting aside a rather poor mission involving guard duty at a warehouse, Kristen had visited Vel Luin several times during her childhood (how it felt now so akin to a past life!). Her father...