the great ones

  • The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Kara Orin

    Roleplay OOC Elbion's on fire again, bruh

    See RP thread: The Great Ones Aftermath: Elbion There will be no attempt to DM the thread. Drakormir rests in the waters below Elbion. The city is literally fractured. Monsters roam the streets consuming innocents. One could slay the monsters and protect lives. Or take advantage of the chaos...
  2. Kthell

    Private Tales The Descent

    (A continuation of Tenrof, Kouri , and Kthell’s journey from “The Great Ones” thread. Easier to watch!) As the trio sustained their descent into the shadowed depths, Kthell heard a low laugh from Tenrof. The walls then rumbled as if in challenge before a sickly green aura surrounded them. The...
  3. Kara Orin

    The Great Ones Great Ones Event OOC

    DA THREAD TLDR: There's a big, almost volcanic-like explosion somewhere in the direction of the Forbidden City. Something rumbles beneath Bhathairk. And a new city has its portal stone activating. FAQ How will the event run? Just as with Pandemonium, this is going to be a World Event. There...
  4. Kara Orin

    The Great Ones The Great Ones Beneath
    Threadmarks: Intro Post

    Tonight, the planets and moons align for the first time in centuries. Astronomists knew this event approached since decades before. For thousands of years, intelligent beings gazed up at the stars and pondered their movements. One educated in cosmology knew these celestial objects always moved...
  5. Kara Orin

    The Great Ones Upcoming Event: The Great Ones Beneath

    When the celestial bodies align once more, He will emerge from His resting place in the far west. Leedin shall turn to glass by His vengeful rage and Our Lord shall return to His Rightful Throne. May He bless we the faithful for our unending service and protect us from the others that wake as...