The Great Ones Upcoming Event: The Great Ones Beneath

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Kara Orin

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When the celestial bodies align once more, He will emerge from His resting place in the far west. Leedin shall turn to glass by His vengeful rage and Our Lord shall return to His Rightful Throne. May He bless we the faithful for our unending service and protect us from the others that wake as well.
- Adalon 4:04

  • The calendar turns to the year 370.
  • Something awakes in the far west.
  • A wealthy city in a strange land becomes accessible by Portal Stone.
  • A noise comes from the depths of Bhathairk's Undercity.
  • A few things are added to the map.


When does the event start?
  • Sunday, July 12

How will the event run?
  • Just as with Pandemonium, this is going to be a World Event. There will be a main thread, but everyone may start their own threads with The Great Ones tag when it opens.

Where will the main thread to be set?
  • It will cover events in multiple locations across Arethil. The number of locations may change or grow depending on the developments in the thread.

How will that work with our own stories?
  • Threats may develop anywhere within Arethil. Some will be immediate attacks, some may be more discrete and insidious. Priests of some religion will emerge to preach. There is also the opportunity to explore a new land or other mysteries of the event. A few Wiki pages will be posted to allow for members to interact with the new elements.

What will staff do during the event?
  • Staff will write some characters that may become enemies, or friends, depending on who your character is and what they do. If a DM is desired for private threads, staff is able to help.

Do I have to join the event?
  • No, and all your current threads can carry on with no changes! As before, it's recommended to join and there will be legendary loot galore.

Will there be PvP?
  • There are opportunities for conflict between players depending on how they react to the new threat to Arethil.

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