#the everwatcher

  1. Margot Triss

    Knights of Anathaeum Lost and Found

    The air was crisp, a frozen breeze rattling the bones of leafless trees. The battle had been over, the retreat had been called. Syr Margot had not returned home. Time passed, had anyone noticed she had even been gone? She couldn't even remember what happened, where she had been. Bare feet...
  2. One Eye

    Fable - Ask To Purvey

    But the darkness was there to greet him. When those eyes did come open. But in flickers and flutters. Thin lines of sight, for the crust of a strange bile formed around the eyes of that most precious being they brought to this dark and dank place. Hidden from the sun. Wet. With a stench of iron...
  3. Helena

    Knights of Anathaeum Light of the Day's Star

    Mission: False Light Priority: Critical Rank: Pursuant Operatives: Dejan Damir, Elinyra Derwinthir Dejan Damir Elinyra Derwinthir
  4. Roki

    Completed As There Are Stars in the Sky

    Along the Eastern border of the Valen Wilds: Upon the lands of Ardolan March, governed by Duke Harmyhan. They gathered beneath the cover of the stone pavilion en mass. Cloaked and hooded. Most of them clean. Robes made from fabrics that were near pristine. One by one and two by two. They...
  5. Josai

    Fable - Ask With Eyes Unclouded

    In the Autumn Season It had been three suns and two moons since the end of the Broofest. Astenvale proper still buzzed with those still stuck in town after all the festivities. Revelers, still hoping to enjoy what the distant retreat from more complicated places had to offer. Trouble for...
  6. Hector

    Knights of Anathaeum Strange Fruit

    The Valen Wilds, Winter Syr Etivya stared wide eyed at what she saw hanging from the tree before them. Her jaw set into a grim line, as her hand ripped free her longsword from its sheath. "Squires, on guard!" she ordered and shut the visor of her helm, as her off hand grabbed tight her...
  7. Josai

    Completed In the Eye of the City

    An enemy uncovered, a call to action. It seemed like so long ago that the Knights of Anathaeum had gathered, to speak of the Everwatcher, and all the threats they posed. And now? Now the hunt for their enemy was real. The dark trace of their foul magicks a deep line that wafted through the air...
  8. Helena

    Knights of Anathaeum What Lurks in the Loch

    Upon the Monastery Grounds; within the Twilight Chamber Light came down from the celestial oculus, the zenith of the Twilight Chamber's domed ceiling, and through that open portal the candescence of all the cosmos did pour. Singular and columnar. The Masters sat about the wings of a great...