• The Veil Falls

    Three times a year Lessat, the largest of Arethil's two moons, eclipses the sun. This time the event falls on Hallow's Eve. All across the world spirits start to appear, reliving their gruesome ends. They cannot be interacted with.

    Join us for this year's Halloween event. More information coming soon!

  1. Fynaurie

    Private Tales Once upon a time

    Caliane Ruinë "Oh what is it?" she asked with a distinct huff. Vaxor let out another warning and turned to circle around again. Flying a rokh involved suggesting which direction the Eagle should fly. These suggestions were often ignored. They were intelligent creatures and understood elvish...
  2. Weylin Kyrel

    Private Tales Returning Home

    Life was a never ending cycle of seasons. It was an obvious thing for those close to nature. The Old Folk knew it. The settlers knew it. The birds knew it. One always found their way back to the place they began if not literally then metaphorically. It was impossible to escape the place of one's...
  3. Weylin Kyrel

    Private Tales Waking the Dreamer

    Spring had come to the Spine after the snows finally melted. At least it had in the lower lands. The high peaks still stood white rising above the clouds. Green and blue took its place amongst brown and gray. Birds sang of the renewal. Rivers and creeks flowed full once more. Where there was not...
  4. Fallon

    Open Chronicles Bedtime Stories - Introduction to the Garou

    The Caern - The Mountains of The Spine - Nightfall "Tell us again Fallon, please!" The pack's den, the Caern, was nestled safely in a system of caves in the mountains of the spine, and today they had hunted and ate well, but darkness had started to close in and the children had pestered and...
  5. Nina

    Private Tales To play with fire

    “If ya want some ‘lone-time, Ragdoll, just go for a leak behind them bushes and take your sweet time like ‘nyone else, if ya catch my drift.” A lone snicker irrupted at the back the group. The speaker, a tall orc whose white-painted braids hit their cheeks as they walked, seemed unperturbed. The...
  6. Weylin Kyrel

    Private Tales On Snow & In Stone

    The Spine was high rocky peaks littered by trees, where they could even grow. It had snow year near the clouds so it was no surprise that white powder covered most of it during Winter. The season of the long sleep was always tough in the Spine. The feral land was hard enough to survive in when...
  7. Selene Avar

    Quest To Reach the Skies[Open]

    Northern Spine - The High Peaks A shiver ran down Selene's spine as she slowly glanced around herself. Strong whipping winds and snowflakes the size of her fist dashed against the thick fur cloak hunched around her shoulders, small amounts of magics pouring across her skin in order to ward off...
  8. Neremyn Virvyre

    Private Tales To war, we must idle

    "Dahkness...dahkness as far as the eye can see…” The crone uttered with dried lips peeled back, revealing teeth of various shades and a single canine molded in gold. Ere found the comment somewhat ironic given that the aging woman had only one eye to top off her unique ensemble. “Darkness?” He...
  9. Bellerophon

    Private Tales Insert title

    Westridge Inn. Not a place known for being a gathering of lawful men, despite it's history of being a king's first choice for an inn inside this city half a centuary ago. In a corner table not secluded from others. Arcadia shrugged as the man kept questioning her. The sly smile on her face...
  10. Sortinous Bael

    Private Tales Dark Alliance

    The Spine was an immense structure of Espressa, towering over the entire continent with pride unparalleled in all of Arethil. Its peaks pierced the sky like ice-capped spearheads which glinted majestically in the suns rising, setting, and all moments between. Mountainsides slopped down into deep...
  11. C

    LFG Plant Duo Looking for Friends

    Hello ones of flesh and of bone! The Mycolyp is sending their trusted speaker, Caelia, to the Spine along with an acquired ally, Strangling Fig going by the name of This-One (Banshi). The purpose of this endeavor is to meet those of flesh and bone in the hopes of being able to exchange words. We...
  12. C

    Open Chronicles The Garden That Was Once A Town

    In the distance was a hazy shape, sharper and more defined than the comparatively natural environment of the Spine. Instead of eying the distant mountain range as they trekked upward through temperate forests, their gaze met the ruins of what appeared to be a town. Pillars, seemingly once...
  13. TTamark

    LFG Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, Steve is making friends!

    Steve, or Stephanzo as his father, Will named him, is currently out in the wood near the base of The Spine. He is looking for, and razing animals and monsters for the nation of Eternum. I would love for some to join the story to give it some flavour and conflict, even if you are just passing...
  14. Lagakh

    Private Tales To Kill a Mocking Orc

    It was no small task to track or pursue along the scree of a hill-slope. Sharp granite flagstones, intermixed with loose cobble and coarse gravel, made for a poor imprint. Footing was difficult, movement was labored, and the scent had precious few things to which it could adhere. It was like...
  15. Lagakh

    LFG 1x1 Looking for some orcishness.

    If anyone is interested, I'm not sure I know how to write an orc. But I'd like to give it a try. Message me if you are interested or post here, I'm sure we can figure something out in the Spine (or beyond).
  16. Hath Charosh

    Open Chronicles Infestation | The Spine

    Open to all orcs who want to do some orcish things. Mabess The Spine Hath heard the spear hiss through the air just over his head. It wobbled through the air and struck the rocks ahead of him with enough force to shatter the shaft. He skidded to a halt, turned and dropped to a knee to...