rogue dreadlords

  1. Zael Castomir

    Dreadlords The Worth of Our Deeds

    "You fucked us!" Jordis exclaimed as they ran. Zael didn't argue. Not yet, anyway. Now wasn't the time nor the place. Once they evaded Zettal's town guard and got back to their hideaway, the closed diner with the other Rogues, then they could talk about what happened and what to do next. But...
  2. Kristen Pirian

    Completed Lethality

    VEL LUIN It wasn't the first time Kristen had seen the grandeur of Vel Luin with her own eyes. Even putting aside a rather poor mission involving guard duty at a warehouse, Kristen had visited Vel Luin several times during her childhood (how it felt now so akin to a past life!). Her father...
  3. Erodin

    Private Tales The First Masque

    Outer Oban - The Lavasque Estate "I did tell him there was an easier way of doing this, my Love." Erodin said, letting his chin rest in his hand as he leaned back on the plush bench of the carriage. His mask sitting besides him as he stared at his companion opposite him. Both of them wore...