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    A land once ruled by Dragons and Gods opens, but not every secret of Arethil's past is safe to uncover.


  1. Zana

    Private Tales The Final Days

    "Everything seems fine, Lucy. Healthy twins," the doctor turned away from her and towards the bucket of hot soapy water to wash his hands thoroughly. Zana sat up slowly and drew her shirt back down over her swollen belly with a thankful sigh. After the battle against the werewights she had...
  2. Zana

    Fable - Ask Rebellion Bloodline

    "Well... your vitals are all fine," the medic frowned as Zana pulled on her shirt. "I can't sense any disease or infection but if you continue to be sick I'd like for you to come back and we can look at running some further tests. I'm going to recommend you stop your... Your visits to Cain too...
  3. N

    Open Chronicles Fallen Thrones

    Northern Liadain Dead men lay on the road, some decorated in blood, others with their skin seemingly burned off, and still others with their heads simply torn from their very bodies. It was a brutal scene, the kind to turn stomachs. Kellen stood in the middle of it, no blade in his hands...
  4. S

    Open Chronicles Rebels

    Aberresai Savannah - Greater Plains Selene sat quietly on her horse, lips thin and eyes fixed on the horizon. She could see flames rising in the distance, the outline of a small village crossing just ahead of her vision. The group would reach it inside of an hour. They had traveled to the...
  5. Klor Bishop

    Open Chronicles Divining the Undead

    A light gloomy drizzle had darkened the sky for almost two days now in the sprawling town, a settlement within a league of the great city Vel Anir. The roads soft with mud and rutted with wagon tracks from the various comings and goings to the towns meager market place. In spite of the...