1. general la'ue

    Private Tales the crystal of darkness

    in a random bar in vel anir...... the bar was loud and roudy with humans, my comrades and i chose to sit further towards the back of the room. my second in command my medic and my mage are all thats left of what was a large contingent of soldiers sent to this land by our king to find artifacts...
  2. Adagium

    Roleplay OOC The Falwood Plotting Thread (OOC)

    I got a lot of people to tag in this lol, I tried all of you in a convo and I can only tag 5 peeps and there are 6 of yah so we doing it this way. Uhfred Kallirrhoe Aedus Aloysia Xzaar Vixneel Zier Xya Zythos (?) and Irithiel (?) lol I don't know if you two are in it or not Irith and Zier so...