ooc thread

  1. Vanya Valentine

    LFG - Quest The Black Rose | Long Term Quest OOC

    "You and i both know how this ends~" PROLOGUE | THE WILD HUNT Alright so, to keep this sweet and to the point i really wanna do some spooky stuff to get into the 'Halloween spirit'. So i spent time time making a long term story/campaign with mystery, intrigue, violence and of course...
  2. ylva

    Just Landed

    Hi guys! I'm definitely not new to RP, but new here. I've been RPing for over 16 years and like to write seemingly endless posts. If you like novellas, you and I will be good friends. I prefer action themes and like to occasionally roll dice to determine the outcome of certain things. I play...
  3. Douglas Haley

    Roleplay OOC The City That Can't Forget - OOC Discussion

    This will be the OOC thread/signup for the expedition to Valen, a city shrouded in mystery and unease. Magical winds sweep its ruins, tearing flesh from bone, and a cold chill perveils no matter how close one sits to the fire. A deafening silence holds all who enter by the throat, stifling any...