1. Tathra

    Quest The College Life

    Silence. In the halls of the College of Elbion, students normally came and went according to their studies or the whims of a faculty member. Today, the regular shuffles of the passing students were not to be heard in the halls. Not that students weren’t coming and going, nor faculty attempting...
  2. Tathra

    LFG Bird Wizard Seeks Discourse and a Job

    Hello! Just finished crafting my Raaka (Birdman) mage, and am looking to get him into an rp or two! He is a former professor at the College of Elbion, and he is a werebear(ish). He specializes in breaking down magic and magical wards. Profile: Tathra, Raaka Mage
  3. Ambrose Deon

    Ambrose Xavier Deon Biographical information Birthplace Vel Anir Born Died Age 21 years old Home Physical descriptio...
  4. Core Lore Lycanthrophy