1. Serratia Delacour

    Greetings from Your Spicy Komodi

    Hey all, I'm Serratia. I'm a scarlet Komodi and proud of it! Those who dislike us can leave, because I'm comfortable with my horns and claws, thanks. If you'd like to get together sometime, I'd be happy to do so. Respectfully yours, Serra
  2. Nimedae

    Nimedae Biographical information Birthplace The Mountain of Glass Born Twent Died Age Home Physical description ...
  3. Dysmas Hatas

    Dysmas Hatas Biographical information Birthplace Vel Anir Born Died Age 132 Home Vel Anir Physical description ...
  4. Core Lore Komodi

    Komodo (pl. Komodi) Basic Information Alternative name(s) Origin Legendary Komodan Lifespan Comparable to Dwarves, though they rarely live that long Diet Subspecies ...