1. Uvogin

    Private Tales Old Wounds, A Fateful Encounter

    A reoccurring dream often stole sleep from the fearsome Captain of the Immortals. He'd woke up in a cold sweat because of it. It was late in the evening, at a time when nobody had any business being awake. Uvogin flopped in his bed many times in a vain attempt to fall back asleep, but never...
  2. Kailyn

    Private Tales Many Forms of Thirst

    "I heard he lights maidens on fire," Aurora whispered next to Kailyn, huddling close to the wagon piled high with the Sparrow's precious belongings. "Don't yah think kissing a fire giant would hurt? All that magma," Samson chided, shifting the sack of grain on one of his broad shoulders...
  3. Kailyn